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2 years before D-Day, the Allies tried to invade Nazi-occupied Europe — they failed miserably

In August 1942, Allied forces launched a raid on a Nazi-occupied port in France to see if such an invasion was possible on a larger scale. The raid on Dieppe was a failure, costing the Allies hundreds of troops and scores of tanks and aircraft, but the foiled operation would provide important lessons for another, bigger invasion... go to Article >

A year before the D-Day invasion, the Allies took the fight to the Axis in 'the soft underbelly of Europe'

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In July 1943, Allied troops stormed the beaches of Sicily, punching into what Winston Churchill called "the soft underbelly of Europe." Operation Husky, as it was known, gave the Allies a base in the Mediterranean and a jumping off point for... read more

10 things in tech you need to know today

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Summary List PlacementGood morning! This is the tech news you need to know this Friday. Sign up here to get this email in your inbox every morning. Have an Amazon Alexa device? Listen to this update by searching "Business Insider" in your... read more

Deutsche Bank says you need to own these 10 value stocks set to rise by as much as 52% as Europe gets a grip on COVID-19

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Summary List PlacementOn Wednesday, the Dow Jones hit a record high of 30,000, prompting President Donald Trump to host a press conference to celebrate breaking - what he called - "a sacred number". Indeed, markets have been performing victory... read more

Vaccine experts report that the rapid progress on COVID-19 trials is a result of unprecedented global cooperation and focus

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Summary List PlacementThough the mounting global death toll may tell its own story,  recent events indicate that in the battle against COVID-19, humanity is mounting a comeback. More than 1.3 million people have died worldwide because of the... read more

With around US$84 million in funding, Khatabook is the early market leader for digital bookkeeping in India, ahead of rivals such as OkCredit and...

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Summary List PlacementEarlier this year, Indian startup Khatabook secured US$60 million in B-Series funding for its digital bookkeeping app. The investment was the largest funding drive to date for the Bengaluru-based company that in just two... read more

Insular Life celebrates reaching 3 times its goal in promoting female empowerment in the Philippines

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Summary List PlacementWith a 30-year career in banking and finance, Nina D. Aguas has broken more than a few glass ceilings, leading major financial institutions both in the Philippines and across Asia Pacific. Currently executive chairperson... read more

Survey reveals that most business leaders think new kinds of business partnerships are driving innovation during the pandemic

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Summary List PlacementFor many companies, "we're all in this together" has become more than a motto during the pandemic. Partnerships have turned into a key mechanism for tapping into opportunities and overcoming obstacles. Fetch Robotics has... read more

The Prince of Sweden and his wife Princess Sophia both tested positive for COVID-19, as their country struggles under a brutal second wave of...

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Summary List PlacementThe coronavirus has hit Swedish royalty amid a rapid surge in cases across Sweden.  The Swedish royal Family announced Thursday that both Prince Carl Philip, and his wife Princess Sophia had tested positive for COVID-19,... read more

New York Governor Cuomo called the Supreme Court ruling that blocked some COVID-19 restrictions on religious services 'irrelevant'

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Summary List PlacementNew York Gov. Andrew Cuomo called a Wednesday Supreme Court ruling "irrelevant," Reuters reported. The Supreme Court ruled 5-4 against New York state COVID-19 restrictions that limited attendance at religious services in... read more

We found the best Black Friday Apple deals live now on Thanksgiving: Save big on Airpods, iPhones, iPads, and more in 2020

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  Summary List Placement The best Apple Black Friday deals include discounts on iPhones, AirPods, iPads, and Apple Watches. The $250 AirPods Pro are available for an all-time low price of $169.99 on Amazon. The Beats Studio 3 Wireless are... read more

China's Sinopharm has applied for regulatory approval to launch a COVID-19 vaccine for public use, but nearly 1 million people have already taken...

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Summary List PlacementChinese pharmaceutical giant Sinopharm on Tuesday sought government approval to officially bring its coronavirus vaccines to market, but close to a million people have already been injected with experimental shots under... read more