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22 fintechs that VCs and big investors say are on the brink of becoming household names

We asked some of the top fintech investors to recommend up-and-coming fintechs going direct to the consumer. Investors could nominate their own portfolio companies, as well as fintechs they haven't backed, with the caveat nominees couldn't have raised beyond a Series B round of funding. Investors' picks varied, but a central theme... go to Article >

A federal banking regulator wants to bring fintechs under its purview. Here's what that means for the red-hot payments space — and why big banks...

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Summary List Placement Over the past decade, fintechs have become more than a niche group of disruptive startups out of Silicon Valley. Today, fintechs like Stripe and Square have achieved massive scale — and valuations — and are an essential... read more

$7.1 billion Credit Karma is launching a no-fee checking account aimed at Gen Z and underbanked consumers. Two executives explain how...

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Summary List Placement No-fee checking accounts have become table stakes in fintech, from digital challenger banks like Chime and Monzo to wealthtech players like Betterment and Wealthfront. Credit Karma, the credit-score monitoring fintech,... read more

A VC investor talks about why she left her high-profile law career — including a stint as Google's second ever legal hire — for the world of...

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Miriam Rivera left her prestigious jobs as associate at a large law firm and deputy general counsel of Google to launch the San Francisco-based venture fund, Ulu Ventures. A driving factor behind her decision was the lack of diversity she found... read more

Some VCs are clamoring for more startups to ditch investment bankers for direct listings, but one VC who backed both Asana and Spotify says he...

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Summary List Placement Some tech investors have been pushing hard for more companies to go public by the direct listing route because VCs are among the big beneficiaries of direct listings. Direct listings, where companies allow existing... read more

How the crown prince of Saudi Arabia made his way into Silicon Valley circles with a $3.5 billion investment in Uber

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Summary List Placement   It seemed like an April Fool's joke. John Micklethwait, the Oxford-educated editor in chief of Bloomberg News, went on TV on April 1, 2016, to report that Saudi Arabia was going to start a $2 trillion investment fund.... read more

The pandemic has created a do-or-die moment for smaller banks. Here's how fintechs are playing a key role in these firms staying relevant.

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Summary List Placement For all the attention the big banks get, plenty of people still entrust their savings to local financial institutions. Community banks and credit unions, whose total assets are typically less than $1 billion, hold about... read more

What 3 self-made Black millionaires want Black Americans to know about building wealth

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Summary List PlacementDid you know most millionaires are not born into wealth? In fact, about 80% of US millionaires worked for their money, with only 20% of millionaires inheriting their fortunes. So while we know wealth can be passed down... read more

Top fintech investors are piling into startups that are disrupting how people and companies pay their bills. Here are 8 newcomers on the verge of...

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Fintech investors see big opportunities in helping consumers and businesses manage bill pay. When Business Insider surveyed fintech investors on up-and-coming startups, more than 13% of the 60 fintechs highlighted were focused on managing... read more

60 fintechs that are posed to take off in 2020, according to top VCs and investors

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The world of fintech moves fast, with no-name startups turning into fintech darlings with billion-dollar valuations seemingly overnight. In an effort to stay on the cutting edge, Business Insider polled 27 fintech investors to find out which... read more

Average fintech salaries are in the six figures. A talent exec at $5.3 billion Plaid lays out 3 ways to get your foot in the door.

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Fintechs have seen increased interest in light of digital trends accelerated by the coronavirus pandemic. Jobs at these startups can pay into the six figures starting out, and an opportunity to receive equity in the company, making them... read more