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3 Signs Quarantine Strengthened Your Relationship With Your Partner

Quarantine life isn't for every couple. Spending unlimited time with someone makes it easy to get over them real quick. However, some couples may be thriving in this unique environment. If you've noticed some of the following signs that quarantine… go to Article >

The top 9 beauty and fashion brand ambassador programs that provide influencers with perks like paid trips and free products

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Summary List Placement The term "brand ambassador" has become popular in recent years, especially within influencer marketing, but the role can vary widely by company. Some brand ambassadors are celebrities who've forged a relationship with a... read more

7 Habits Of Lifelong Friends

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Lifelong friendships are rare — and that’s part of what makes them so special. We’re not meant to have the same set of friends throughout our entire lives. We move to different places, we change, we drift apart. Sometimes we outgrow each other —... read more

Time is running out to register to vote. Here's what you need to know about how to register in your state.

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Summary List PlacementTable of Contents: StaticTuesday, September 22 is National Voter Registration Day, and voter registration deadlines for the November 3 presidential election are already coming up in over a dozen states.  Every US state... read more

7 Signs You're Being A Bad Friend – And How To Be A Better One

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When it feels like the friendships in your life are lacking, it’s easy to place blame on your pals. But before you do, it might be worth looking in the mirror first. Sometimes it’s actually us, not them, that’s the problem.  That said, we all go... read more

From her first time taking Prozac to hiding depressive episodes at work: A candid depiction of a former entertainment lawyer's ongoing struggle...

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Summary List Placement It was the best relationship I've ever had. It lasted almost two years — two glorious years of waking up in the morning eager for the day to start, and falling asleep with a satisfied smile on my face. Two years of... read more

I'm a financial planner and just bought my first house, and I learned 3 unexpected home-buying lessons along the way

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Summary List Placement As a financial planner, I was confident about the money side of things going into my home-buying process, but I still learned some lessons I'd share with anyone. First, there were red flags about our real estate agent... read more

Johanna Faries, commissioner of the Call of Duty esports league, on what she's learned at the helm of a growing industry after 12 years at the NFL

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Johanna Faries joined Activision Blizzard as commissioner of the city-based Call of Duty esports league two years ago after spending 12 years in the NFL leading business development and strategy. Her job is to ensure the loyal esports fanbase... read more

VCs say these 19 e-commerce startups are thriving during the coronavirus pandemic as online shopping takes off

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Summary List Placement More people are shopping online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The lockdown-driven spending is expected to accelerate e-commerce growth in the US by at least two years, supercharging not just large online retailers but... read more

I traveled 30 hours from New Orleans to New York City in Amtrak's private Roomette sleeper cabin — here's why it's a great option for socially...

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 Summary List Placement If you're planning to travel a long distance but don't want to board a plane or drive for hours, train travel is another option experts consider to be relatively safe. I traveled 30 hours from New Orleans to New York... read more

3 reasons to combine your finances when you get married — and 3 reasons not to

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Keeping your finances separate from your partner isn't uncommon — about 37% of married millennials keep separate accounts, according to a survey by Business Insider and Morning Consult.  Keeping finances separate could foster harmony in your... read more