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7 Habits Of Lifelong Friends

Lifelong friendships are rare — and that’s part of what makes them so special. We’re not meant to have the same set of friends throughout our entire lives. We move to different places, we change, we drift apart. Sometimes we outgrow each other — and that’s perfectly normal. But the friendships that last for decades are truly... go to Article >

10 habits of strong professionals who aren't concerned with what other people think

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Summary List Placement One of my coaching clients recently decided to give up his high paying corporate job so he could live in an RV and start a blog. While his new lifestyle might not sound too outrageous to many modern-day entrepreneurs,... read more

My friend's grandmother used a simple savings strategy to buy property in San Francisco on a seamstress' salary. Living by her rule has helped me...

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Summary List Placement A friend passed on her grandmother's advice about saving: "If you make a little, save a little. If you make a lot, save a lot." That advice struck a chord with me and made me want to improve my savings habits. Before, I... read more

Father-son financial advisors say their most successful clients practice 4 smart habits to pass wealth to their kids

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Summary List Placement   Gerald Grant Jr. and Gerald Grant III are financial advisors in Miami and coauthors of a new book about building generational wealth. They specialize in wealth management, estate planning, business succession planning,... read more

7 Boo Basket Ideas For Couples & Giving Your Friends A Halloween Thrill

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It's always such a thrill when a package arrives at your front door, even if you know what's inside. So, what if you and your partner sent your faves a basket filled with goodies for Halloween? Of course, you may not have any boo basket ideas for… read more

Re-living one of baseball’s most magical postseason runs

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The 2016 Chicago Cubs’ postseason run to end the drought of more than a century without a championship made me a fan. 107 years. That was how long the Chicago Cubs had to wait to win a World Series. Even thinking about that depresses me.... read more

Cowen breaks down 8 key investing themes and 12 stocks to buy as the net worth of millennials quadruples over the next decade

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Summary List Placement The habits and behaviors of millennials are fascinating to the older generations. And their share of total US net worth is expected to quadruple by 2030, according to John Kernan, an equity analyst at investment bank... read more

My grocery spending got out of control during lockdown, but 3 new habits are helping me save $300 a month

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Summary List Placement At the start of the pandemic, I grocery shopped as a form of retail therapy. But soon my spending was out of control. To get myself back on track, I started by limiting my shopping to just once a week and shopping only... read more

My sustainability swaps: Lifestyle and green blogger Zanna Van Dijk on how she has done her bit

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Lifestyle, travel and sustainability blogger Zanna Van Dijk has amassed a huge following on her award winning blog, where she honestly discusses everything from palm oil to periods, workouts and recipes. Zanna is also refreshingly open about... read more

Now through October 28, you can earn up to 55,000 points when you refer friends to open an Amex card — plus 3x more points on all your spending for...

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Summary List Placement   Through October 28, if you have an American Express card you can participate in the company's "3 for All" referral promotion. When you refer a friend to open an Amex card (using a personalized link found through your... read more

6 Gift Ideas For Parents of a Newborn

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Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash {This is a collaborative post} It’s always exciting when someone you know has a baby. But what do you buy for a new arrival? It’s easy to go for something cute and obvious, or vouchers always come in... read more