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79 years ago, Hitler picked a fight that may have cost him World War II

In the early morning hours of June 22, 1941, the largest invasion in the history of warfare kicked off with millions of Axis troops crossing the border into the Soviet Union. Operation Barbarossa, as it was called, took the Germans to the gates of Moscow but would ultimately be the undoing of Adolf Hitler and his Nazi empire.... go to Article >

The Curse of November 16

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  Grand  Duke Ludwig IV and Grand Duchess Alice and their children(all images except for Getty: Marlene A. Eilers Koenig Collection) In November 1878 diphtheria struck the Grand Ducal House of Hesse and by  Rhine with a vengeance.  The... read more

The 5 Types of Voters You Meet Making Calls for Joe Biden

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Like most people I know, I've been existing in a state of dread for all of October in anticipation of November 3rd. In order to spend less time languishing in that dread, I've been partaking in small bouts of political activism in an effort to... read more

Photos show a surreal scene at the Kentucky Derby during the pandemic, with almost no fans in the stadium and protests demanding justice for...

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Summary List Placement In the world of horse racing, there is no bigger event than the Kentucky Derby. Each year on the first weekend of May, fans celebrate the Derby in Louisville, Kentucky, with ritzy parties, massive hats, and plenty of... read more

The best places to buy fall boots for men

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Summary List Placement Each year, the dizzying lineup of fall boots grows ever larger, making the decision of decking out your feet just that much more difficult. The best fall boots are subjective to the wearer, but some of our favorite pairs... read more

The Safety of Yesterday’s Wars: How to Avoid the Fiercest Battles

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“If you faint in the day of adversity,” the king instructed his son, “your strength is small” (Proverbs 24:10). No man longs for small strength. No godly man can stomach the thought of fainting before adversity, when he should otherwise stand... read more

'Divided We Fall' author David French on why America could come apart, the loss of free speech culture, and how Trump could be the GOP's new Reagan

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Summary List Placement David French is a Senior Editor at The Dispatch, which launched in 2019 and describes itself as providing "fact-based conservative news." French is also a columnist for Time magazine, and previously spent four years as a... read more

76 years ago, the first jet fighter changed aerial combat forever, but it didn't do Hitler any good

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In summer 1944, the Nazis debuted one of the many advanced weapons they devised during World War II: the Messerschmitt Me 262. The Me 262 was the first operational fighter jet in history, and while it outmatched Allied aircraft, it couldn't... read more

A year before the D-Day invasion, the Allies took the fight to the Axis in 'the soft underbelly of Europe'

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In July 1943, Allied troops stormed the beaches of Sicily, punching into what Winston Churchill called "the soft underbelly of Europe." Operation Husky, as it was known, gave the Allies a base in the Mediterranean and a jumping off point for... read more

The US Army is now open to renaming its military bases — here are 10 of them that still reference Confederate leaders

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The US Army is taking a hard look at renaming its military bases that honor leaders of the Confederate Army, whose battle flag persists as a symbol of racism. A group of 11 states, known as the Confederate States of America, seceded from the... read more

Putin's 10-day disappearance raised a grim question: Who will replace him when he's gone?

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On paper, Vladimir Putin would be replaced by Mikhail Mishustin as president of Russia if Putin dies or leaves office. But Mishustin is an obscure former tax official with no power base inside the Russian state. That illustrates Putin's true... read more