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90210 was all the rage in the '90s. The hot real estate zip codes of the 2020s are different.

As the coronavirus pandemic rages on throughout the country, markets that were able to recover the quickest from heightened outbreaks are becoming hot markets among homebuyers. A report by showed the hottest ZIP codes of 2020, and only one is in the West.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. In the... go to Article >

The 25 most expensive ZIP codes in America in 2020

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Summary List Placement While people may be leaving urban hubs like San Francisco and New York in droves amid the coronavirus pandemic, real estate in ritzy enclaves just outside those cities is more expensive than ever. Mass migration to posh... read more

Big companies are snapping up legal tech startups as the space heats up. We talked to 5 firms, like DocuSign and Wolters Kluwer, about their M&A...

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Summary List PlacementThe legal tech market isn't just disrupting the way law firms do their work — it's also shaking up the way investments and acquisitions are made. Although traditional investors like venture capitalists and private equity... read more

90210 is one of the 5 most expensive zip codes in America, but it's not number one

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Summary List Placement   In a COVID-19 world, home prices are rising in suburban markets while city markets struggle to keep up.  With social distancing and working from home the new norm for many, the desire for larger homes in less densely... read more

How to target a real-estate market for investment, from the CEO of student housing giant Campus Apartments, managing properties in 17 states

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Summary List Placement During the current economic downturn, real estate has proved resilient. One sector in particular that has shown stability is student housing. A survey by CBRE found that as of late June 2020, leasing velocity for the... read more

3 reasons why Atlanta is the best city for investors looking to buy rental properties

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Summary List Placement The recession brought on by the coronavirus pandemic has had a clear bright spot in the resilient housing market.  Local markets are heating up as the demand for affordable homes soars against the backdrop of very tight... read more

A brief history of LA's $1 billion 'mountain,' from being scoped out by Jeff Bezos in 2019 to being seized by the Feds

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Feds have moved to seize "The Mountain," a 157-acre property at the highest peak in Beverly Hills, California, reported NBC Los Angeles. The property was originally listed for $1 billion, before receiving a massive $350 million price chop and... read more

I went to New York City's only drive-in movie theater which opened during the pandemic — here's what it was like

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Skyline Drive-In, a drive-in movie theater in Brooklyn, opened on June 14. It plays movies every night and guests are treated to a breathtaking view of the Manhattan skyline. Tickets cost $54.99 per car and $34.99 per motorcycle. Visit... read more

The top 10 affordable lake towns in the US

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Summary List Placement   In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, space and affordability have taken the center stage for prospective homeowners.  With working from home, social distancing, and limited travel ability the new norm for many,... read more