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A high-seas food fight has already 'gone kinetic,' and US military officials warn it still poses a bigger threat

Summary List Placement Fishing fleets that haul in huge catches, sometimes illegally, from around the world are a security challenge that has already caused armed encounters, senior US military officials said this month. Illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing, as it's known, exploits countries' inability to regulate their... go to Article >

'Covid-19 has made risk everybody's business': Agencies urge world leaders to beef up extreme weather warning systems

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UN-backed report calls on policymakers to dramatically increase funding for early warning systems that can boost nations' resilience to extreme weather events in response to rising threat from extreme storms, droughts, floods, and... read more

A high-seas food fight has already 'gone kinetic,' and US military officials warn it still poses a bigger threat

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US officials say growing competition for ocean resources is a facet of broader competition between the West and China — one that could escalate. read more

Venezuela and Iran's ties grow as warnings are raised about Trump pulling an 'October Surprise' on Tehran

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Summary List Placement Iran and Venezuela are two of President Donald Trump's most frequent foreign-policy targets, and increasing US pressure has only brought the two closer. Their ties are again on display ahead of the presidential election,... read more

What Is Antifa? The Truth Behind the Tweets

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If you've watched Fox News recently, you have almost certainly heard the term "antifa" uttered with an air of sinister mystery and more than a hint of contempt, but what actually is it? Antifa, pronounced "AN-tee-fuh," is short for antifascists.... read more

Hemophilia and Queen Victoria

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"Our poor family seems to be persecuted by this awful disease, the worst I know." These are the words of Queen Victoria (1819-1901) who was referring to the hereditary disease hemophilia that affected – during her lifetime – her youngest son,... read more

Magh Mela: watching over the world’s biggest festival

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Description  Keeping tabs on millions of pilgrims has led to the building of a surveillance mini-state, says Monica Jha Alt Text  Magh Mela, India Keeping tabs on millions... read more

Trump's biggest accomplishments and failures as president as he fights for reelection

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Summary List Placement President Donald Trump entered an election year as just the third commander-in-chief in US history to be impeached. Trump was ultimately acquitted in an impeachment trial that would soon become a distant memory amid a... read more

How the coronavirus will permanently reshape the healthcare industry, according to 26 top industry leaders

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The healthcare industry is on the front lines of the effort to treat coronavirus patients and cure the disease. The pandemic presents unprecedented challenges for the entire industry, from doctors and hospitals to drugmakers. We talked to 26... read more

India and China's deadliest border clash in decades risks war between nuclear-armed rivals — here's how the world's 2 largest militaries stack up

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A hand-to-hand skirmish high in the Himalayas this month was the deadliest border clash between India and China in decades. The two sides are working to ease tensions, but the showdown still has the potential to spark a broader war between two... read more

The US Navy's top admiral in Europe says China is copying Russia's interference playbook there

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China is seeking to spread its influence across Europe and Africa and is using methods much like those of Russia to do it, the US Navy's top commander in the region said Thursday. How to approach an increasingly aggressive China has been a... read more