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Already, Not Yet: How to Live in the Last Days

ABSTRACT: For now, Christians live in a great theological tension: we already possess every spiritual blessing in Christ, but we do not experience the fullness of these blessings yet. In one sense, we are already adopted, redeemed, sanctified, and saved; in another, these experiences are not yet fully ours. Underneath this... go to Article >

A bipartisan group of Georgia teens is trying to flip the Senate by enlisting thousands of students to vote in the January runoffs

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Summary List Placement A bipartisan group of Georgia teens is trying to flip the Senate by enlisting thousands of students to vote in the January runoffs. The political organization, StudentsFor2020, was founded by four high school students,... read more

How to avoid the risk of 'stranded people': SSE sets industry precedent with 'Just Transition' plan

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Energy company publishes pioneering 'Just Transition Strategy' as it sets out its plans to unleash a major renewables drive over the coming decade SSE has become the first company in the UK's energy sector to publish a... read more

November 24 – Life in a Lockdown #34

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The post November 24 – Life in a Lockdown #34 appeared first on Life in a Break Down. I’ve not really read much news in the last 7 days, so not much to update on.  There, of course, has been more talk about vaccines and it might be ready to be... read more

The third wave: The shortage of health-care workers because they are too burnt out or sick themselves

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The pandemic affects those who’ve fallen ill and those who love them, but it also burdens those who care for the stricken and see first-hand what happens in hospitals and care homes where... read more

Three Households Can Mix For Five Days Under Covid Christmas Plan, Sources Say

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Three households will be allowed to mix for up to five days in a plan to allow families to reunite at Christmas, the government has confirmed.  Cabinet Office minister Michael Gove said in a statement that people could form Christmas bubbles... read more

Using a 0% APR credit card for holiday shopping can save money on interest, but be sure to avoid these pitfalls that could hurt you in the long run

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Summary List Placement   Many credit cards offer an introductory 0% APR (annual percentage rate) for a specified time period on new purchases, balance transfers, or both. If you don't have a plan in place to pay off the balance before the... read more

A woman in the Midwest got her start answering phones at Domino's — now she owns 11 locations. Here's how she built and runs her multi-state empire.

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Summary List Placement When Emily Elwell started answering phones at Domino's in college, she figured she would stick around just long enough to get enough money to buy her family Christmas presents. "And then I'm gonna quit, because who works... read more

Brexit deal on track to be over the line by ‘end of week’, says Irish PM

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Description  Taoiseach Micheal Martin Credits  Julian Behal/Pool/AFP via Getty Images Alt Text  Ireland's Prime Minister Micheal Martin arrives to address the... read more

Should there be separate Sports Personality of the Year awards for men and women?

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Description  Zara Tindall, the SPOTY winner in 2006, with runners-up Beth Tweddle and Darren Clarke Credits  Chris Radburn/Pool/Getty Images Alt Text  Zara... read more

The Doctrines of Race: A Call to Make Christ Central

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God does not talk about race like we do. Not that he ignores the subject. Far from it. The Christian Scriptures, from beginning to end, have a great deal to say about the matter — and much to say into our present context. In fact, I suspect... read more