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AP Explains: What's next with the Supreme Court vacancy?

WASHINGTON (AP) — The death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is putting the Senate in uncharted political terrain. There's no recent precedent for a confirmation vote so close to a presidential election. President Donald Trump on Saturday urged the Republican-run Senate to consider “without delay” his... go to Article >

B.C. courts deny child her own lawyer in 18-year divorce case: 'I just felt totally silenced'

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VANCOUVER — Sahara Davis’s parents separated a month after she was born, but she was 18 before their divorce proceedings fully concluded. Her entire childhood was caught up in their long... read more

Ethics commissioner says he's received 'thousands of pages' of unredacted WE Charity documents

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OTTAWA — Federal ethics commissioner Mario Dion says he’s received thousands of pages of wholly unredacted government documents related to the WE Charity scandal as he investigates the matter... read more

Justice minister defends assisted dying bill from critics as Senate committee starts hearings

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OTTAWA — Justice Minister David Lametti told a Senate committee on Monday that he’s heard the fierce... read more

How the Future of Local Media Is on the Ballot in the 2020 Election

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The future of the local TV industry could very well come down to who wins Tuesday’s election between President Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Early next year, the Supreme Court will decide on a decades-old legal battle centered around the Federal... read more

What happens next in the U.S. election? Key dates to watch as the drama unfolds

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Whether Joe Biden becomes the next president of the United States or Donald Trump has a second term, there is... read more

What is the U.S. electoral college, and how does it work?

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The U.S. president is not elected by a majority of the popular vote.... read more

The top U.S. Google searches before Election Day are... all about the election

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With this election cycle finally coming to an end next week (in theory) on Tuesday, Nov. 3, Americans have been busy looking up questions related to last-minute political and voting news.  For the period between Oct. 22 and Oct. 29, these were... read more

10/3 podcast: The future of the Republican Party after Donald Trump

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The Republicans may have lost the White House, but it doesn’t mean their party is battered and bruised.... read more

How Trump's uphill legal battle against Biden over the election results could play out

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Summary List Placement The Democratic nominee Joe Biden is outpacing President Donald Trump in their quest to win the White House. And Trump has already signaled that he and his campaign are ready to do whatever it takes to duke it out with... read more

'Cancellation pushback': If authorities keep ruling out the holidays, people will stop listening

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Psychologist Baruch Fischhoff is considered a giant in the field of risk communication and decision-making.... read more