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Arts Council England Reveals £18 Million Fund For Artists

DJs, performers and other creatives are also eligible for the Developing Your Creative Practice fund go to Article >

UK coronavirus live: vaccine means life could 'start to get back to normal' after Easter, says Hancock

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Health secretary says tough measures ‘will continue until the vaccine can make us safe’ as PM set to announce new tiered restrictions Oxford/ AstraZeneca vaccine has up to 90% efficacy How a handful of scientists developed Oxford vaccine at... read more

Big corporations like BofA, Ford, and UPS want to bankroll Biden's inauguration. But the president-elect won't say yet whether he'll take their money.

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Summary List Placement From the earliest days of his campaign, President-elect Joe Biden has sniped at special interests itching to influence politics with their money.  "Our Constitution didn't begin with the phrase, 'We the Democrats,' or... read more

How The Covid-19 Pandemic Drove Croydon Council To Go Bust

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The government’s failure to fulfil its promise of supporting local authorities to “do whatever it takes” to fight coronavirus has been blamed for Croydon Council “running up £1.5bn in debt”. On Wednesday the Labour-run council in south London... read more

Established 1895: Autocar's role in the transport revolution

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The automotive industry expanded rapidly in the 1890s Motoring historian David Burgess-Wise recounts how a young Englishman was inspired to start a magazine about horseless carriages – and how it became part of a transformative new global... read more

Why Boris Johnson’s Excuses About Free School Meals Don’t Add Up

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In a political row as emotive as the free school meals saga, it’s little wonder the Tories – who voted overwhelmingly against extending the voucher scheme – are desperate to justify their position.  Facing a barrage of criticism, and an... read more

Ten Things You Need to Know Today: Tuesday 3 Nov 2020

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Biden and Trump make final pitches as US votes Donald Trump and his Democratic challenger Joe Biden have spent the final hours of the White House race delivering their closing pitch to voters in... read more

More than 10,000 hungry children given free meals on first day of half term

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Businesses and community groups have offered to feed children over the half-term after the Government refused (Picture: PA) More than 10,000 meals were delivered to vulnerable families on the first day of half term following a campaign... read more

53 unique gifts to give your best friend — all under $100

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 Summary List Placement When you have the opportunity to thank a best friend for their friendship, you don't need to spend much to get the point across.  Below, you can skim 53 gifts under $100 that they'll be happy to open.  Still looking for... read more

Artist brings Beethoven piano piece to bus station

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Artist brings Beethoven piano piece to bus station Wed, 15/08/2012 DBayles Wed, 15/08/2012 An artist has created a unique musical performance in Newcastle’s busiest bus station – with the help of a grand piano... read more

Board game for Byker is a giant new artwork for Metro

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Board game for Byker is a giant new artwork for Metro Fri, 27/03/2015 DBayles Fri, 27/03/2015 A board game taking players on a journey of discovery through Byker takes pride of place at the local Metro station... read more