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Avery Dennison: Digitally enabled labels central to circular economy in fashion

The US clothing firm reveals how digital technologies could finally make circular fashion a reality Imagine being able to scan a QR code on a jacket that is no longer wearable and receiving clear directions for how to recycle it. Or being able to scan a code that will allow you to make sure a Telfar bag is... go to Article >

A closed loop fashion system requires scaling solutions now, not later

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Companies across the fashion industry have deployed pilots for circular - or more sustainable - products, but too often they stop there The fashion industry is damaging to the planet - it's responsible for 10 per cent of... read more

'Unusually positive news': Does 2020 mark a turning point for delivering on the Paris Agreement goals?

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The 'domino effect' of net zero pledges from world leaders in recent months could prove hugely impactful on global warming trajectories, a new analysis suggests, but is its optimistic outlook justified? It is far from the... read more

Construction begins on pioneering CO2 removal plant in the Icelandic tundra

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Construction has begun on a pioneering new plant that will directly capture carbon dioxide from the air and store it in subterranean wells deep in Icelandic basalt, Climeworks, the pioneering firm behind the project,... read more

Government kicks off search for site of UK's first nuclear fusion power plant

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UK takes a major step forward in its plans to commercialise a nuclear fusion power plant by 2040, inviting local communities to submit bids to host the country's inaugural project The search for the home of Britain's... read more

Last chance to register for the BusinessGreen Technology and Investment Forum 2020

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Register now for tomorrow's event to hear from some of the UK's top clean tech investors and entrepreneurs BusinessGreen will tomorrow morning host the annual BusinessGreen Technology and Investment Forum and places are... read more

Low carbon diamonds? De Beers pledges to reach carbon neutrality across operations by 2030

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New climate target will be achieved by transitioning mining operations to clean energy, improving energy efficiency, developing proprietary carbon capture technology and purchasing offsets, company said Diamond mining... read more

'Aladdin Climate': BlackRock debuts new climate risk software platform for clients

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World's largest investor launches software platform that allows clients to stress test investments against different warming scenarios, as company reveals climate risk is now clients' number one concern BlackRock has... read more

Offshore wind will be the backbone of the UK's Green Industrial Revolution

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Offshore wind will become even more important the power source for unlocking new technologies such as renewable hydrogen, writes Ørsted's Duncan Clark Amid what has been an unexpectedly turbulent year, it's heartening... read more

Tackling food waste must be at the heart of national climate plans

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In the run up to Glasgow next year governments must step up to the plate by targeting food waste in their net zero plans, argues WRAP CEO Marcus Gover In November 2021 world leaders will gather in Glasgow for the 26th... read more

Asset management industry's responsible investment claims do not match its voting record

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BlackRock, Vanguard and State Street branded 'crucial laggards' in latest ShareAction report The world's largest asset managers are failing to vote for sustainable progress in investee companies, despite public... read more

'Extraordinary ineptitude': Former COP26 President Clare O'Neill accuses Number 10 of 'cavalier' attitude to Climate Summit

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Former Energy Minister and COP26 President says progress has been made in recent months, but warns Ministers continue to underestimate need for intense focus on climate efforts in the lead up to crucial Glasgow Summit... read more