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Before You Call My Son A Jerk, There's Something You Should Know About Him

My five-year-old son was kicked out of two day cares for his behaviour ― for biting; for rocking so hard he damaged furniture; and for pinching, pushing and hitting. We have had to leave public places due to embarrassing tantrums. I get nervous every time another child stands too close to him ― there is a 50/50 chance the interaction... go to Article >

I Grew Up Surrounded By Religious Fanatics. Here's What I Know About Trump Supporters

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During the days immediately after the election, most of which I spent doomscrolling through social media on my phone in a kind of trance, my childhood best friend sent me a clip. Her caption was simple: “When people ask me why I don’t go to... read more

I had a child at 18, and I can tell you: Raising kids doesn't have to be as expensive as they say

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Summary List Placement I had a child at 18 and was overwhelmed when I learned that the USDA estimates the cost of raising a child to 18 to be between $233,000 and $284,570. In the years I've been a parent, though, I've spent a lot less without... read more

Priti Patel Bullying Report: Here's What We Know

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Labour MPs have accused the government of orchestrating a “cover-up” after it emerged that a long-awaited report on alleged bullying by home secretary Priti Patel would not be released publicly.  Shadow home secretary Nick Thomas-Symonds said... read more

More than a second gentleman: why Doug Emhoff is Kamala Harris’ secret weapon | Hadley Freeman

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I’m not obsessed with Doug, but he could probably be my pub quiz subject There is much to say about Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’s historic win, but I’d like to focus on a man called Doug. Doug Emhoff is a lawyer and – more relevantly to your... read more

The Chase Introduces New Quiz Expert Darragh Ennis – Here's Everything You Need To Know About 'The Menace'

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The Chase has welcomed a new Chaser into the fold, with the introduction of Darragh “The Menace” Ennis.  Here’s everything you need to know... Who is Darragh Ennis? Darragh is a 40-year-old Oxford-based scientist who hails from Dublin. He will... read more

A 32-year-old software engineer went through a 'super stressful' interview process at Amazon — but turned down the $167,006 offer. Here's how she...

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Summary List Placement For Nastya Kholodova, a software engineer originally from Ukraine who was working in Washington D.C., the chance to get hired at a big US tech company like Facebook, Uber or Amazon seemed like the best way to know that... read more

I’m Trying To Transition During Lockdown. This Is How It’s Going

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My name is Sophie.  It hasn’t always been. Most people – all of my family, many of my friends – still call me something else: the name I was given at birth.  But even if I haven’t got around to telling everyone yet, Sophie is my name. I’m 30... read more

A Brain Infection Made Me Forget Nearly Everything. Here's How I Became Myself Again

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I’ve forgotten many things in my life: my keys, the answers to test questions, my friend’s birthday. I never imagined I could forget how to walk. But that’s exactly what happened when I was 27 and suddenly got sick with brain inflammation. The... read more

Andy Murray on vaccines, the Australian Open and Mats Wilander’s wildcard attack

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Murray spoke on a wide range of issues in tennis (Picture: ROSS WOODHALL) At the end of a disappointing season, Andy Murray is looking forward to the next and is full of ‘motivation’ to return to some of the biggest stages in tennis.... read more

‘Unsolved Mysteries’ Update: JoAnn Romain’s Cousin Reveals What That Phone Call Was About (Video)

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Since JoAnn Romain’s “Lady in the Lake” episode of Netflix’s “Unsolved Mysteries Vol. 2” premiere in October, viewers have raised a lot of questions about her cousin, Tim Matouk, and his potential involvement in her mysterious death in 2010.... read more