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Biden calls Trump a 'racist' as they clash over Black Lives Matter protests and race relations during the first presidential debate

Summary List PlacementFormer Vice President Joe Biden on Tuesday called President Donald Trump a "racist" during a heated exchange over issues of race and protests against law enforcement.   "This is a president who has used everything as a dog whistle to try to generate racist hatred, racist division," Biden said during the first... go to Article >

All These Organisations Made Black Lives Matter Pledges. But Have They Kept Them?

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On May 25, 2020, George Floyd was killed on camera during a police arrest. The video showed a white officer Derek Chauvin kneeling on his neck as Floyd, a Black man, called for his mother and repeatedly cried “I can’t breathe” before losing... read more

Is There a New ‘SNL’ Episode Airing This Week?

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“SNL” is back, now in its 46th season. The most recent new episode, which aired on November 7, was hosted by Dave Chappelle, with the Foo Fighters as the musical guest. The cold open saw Jim Carrey and Maya Rudolph take the stage as Joe Biden and... read more

Louis Vuitton is painting boarded up windows its signature orange shade, revealing a dystopian new reality prior to a historic election

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Summary List Placement Louis Vuitton is painting boarded up windows its signature shade of orange, as the luxury retailer prepares for possible unrest around the 2020 presidential election.  Shopping destinations across America are bracing for... read more

Kamala Harris Elected As First Black, Asian American US Vice President

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There are several villages that helped raise senator Kamala Harris, who is now the first Black woman, Asian American, daughter of Jamaican and Indian immigrants to be elected vice president of the United States. Ahead of the election, Black... read more

Expect to hear from Bernie, AOC, and these other 28 progressive power players during a Biden administration

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Summary List Placement Progressives helped Joe Biden get elected. But their help wasn't free. They view the incoming White House as their best chance to get the ball rolling on topics that took a back seat over the last four years, including... read more

Ad agencies are concerned they could lose big federal contracts due to Trump's executive order banning some diversity training, even if he leaves...

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Summary List Placement Ad agencies are scared about losing their lucrative government contracts in the wake of President Trump's executive order banning diversity training — even if he leaves office. Trump's September 22 "executive order on... read more

US election: why did the polls get it wrong again after the shock of 2016?

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Description  Biden denied landslide as Trump outperforms predictions in almost every state Credits  Chris McGrath/Getty Images Alt Text  People hold signs and... read more

What Kamala Harris Means for Diversity and Inclusion in Hollywood

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In the wake of a tumultuous presidential election, some in the entertainment industry are looking to Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris in the White House to help change the diversity landscape in Hollywood. The first female vice president, they... read more

Here's What Joe Biden's Election Victory Means For The UK

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Boris Johnson, who in 2015 said he was “genuinely worried” about Donald Trump becoming president, moved fast following his election to forge close links. And the prime minister secured a relationship with Trump that eluded his predecessor... read more

Five top strategists at some of the largest asset managers break down the biggest challenges for Joe Biden's presidency and how to trade them

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Summary List Placement World leaders have congratulated Democrat Joe Biden and his running mate, Kamala Harris, on their victory in last week's presidential election. The race has been officially called by most major US media outlets, but... read more