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Biden to Democrats: Focus on health law, not court expansion

WILMINGTON, Del. (AP) — Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden wants voters to see Republicans’ push for a speedy Supreme Court confirmation as an end-run of Congress and the 2010 health care law. In remarks on Sunday, the former vice president sidestepped any talk of expanding the court to counter conservative... go to Article >

Congress is briefly reconvening, under pressure from Trump and Biden to pass a COVID-19 stimulus bill after months of gridlock

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Summary List PlacementCongress is reconvening on Monday, presenting a new chance to pass a stimulus bill to inject more cash into the US economy. But time is short. Lawmakers are returning to Washington, DC, for a short session that is due to... read more

Meet 24 women in prime positions to sway the Biden White House

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Summary List PlacementJoe Biden wants to make history by appointing women to senior administration posts long dominated by men. His most high-profile move was naming Kamala Harris as his running mate. But his team has named women for a slew of... read more

Here’s how the US economy could transform under Biden after his appointment of Janet Yellen as Treasury Secretary — starting with sizable stimulus

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Summary List PlacementJanet Yellen's decades of policymaking experience hint at how she will lead the Treasury Department through the US economic recovery. President-elect Joe Biden is reportedly set to nominate Yellen to run the department,... read more

Big companies are snapping up legal tech startups as the space heats up. We talked to 5 firms, like DocuSign and Wolters Kluwer, about their M&A...

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Summary List PlacementThe legal tech market isn't just disrupting the way law firms do their work — it's also shaking up the way investments and acquisitions are made. Although traditional investors like venture capitalists and private equity... read more

6 bootcamps that cost little to nothing upfront, teach students crucial tech skills, and help them land roles at Google and Spotify

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Summary List PlacementSoftware developers typically bring in a solid six figures, with the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BOL) reporting that their median annual income in 2019 was nearly $108,000. Similar earning potential exists for roles in... read more

LGBTQ Organizations Urge Media to Stop ‘Deadnaming’ Transgender Stars After Elliot Page Comes Out

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Elliot Page’s coming out as transgender on Tuesday prompted media outlets and LGBTQ organizations to consider the inappropriateness of using a trans individual’s former name. “Reminder: there is NEVER a reason to publish someone’s deadname,” the... read more

Spending Review and National Infrastructure Strategy: Five key takeaways

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BusinessGreen rounds up the top green headlines from government's latest slew of fiscal and policy announcements Following the £12bn green investment drive underpinning the Prime Minister's 10 Point Plan for a Green... read more

Biden reconsiders Cabinet dream team after Democrats' lackluster Senate gains. Stock sinking for progressives like Bernie, Warren

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Summary List Placement President-elect Joe Biden probably won't get his Cabinet dream team, thanks to Mitch McConnell.  Biden's camp is already rethinking its roster of top officials now that Democrats' chances of capturing a Senate majority... read more

Democrats' lackluster performance in downballot races is a double-edged sword for election and voting rights reform

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Summary List Placement Despite President-elect Joe Biden winning back the White House, Democrats fared far worse in congressional and state legislative elections down the ballot — results that could have significant implications for... read more

Biden won the Electoral College. Now he should call for it to be abolished.

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Summary List Placement President-elect Joe Biden is the undisputed winner of the electoral college, and the first thing he should do in office is call to abolish it. While most of the frustration over the Electoral College is focused on the... read more