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Biden urges pause on Trump court pick until after election

President Donald Trump is pushing for quick confirmation of his Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett while his Democratic rival, Joe Biden, is imploring the Senate to delay voting on her nomination until after the Nov_ 3 election to “let the people decide.” go to Article >

While Cuban-Americans in Florida came out big for Trump, Cubans stuck in Mexico pinned their hopes on Biden

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Summary List PlacementCIUDAD JUAREZ, MEXICO — While thousands of Cuban-Americans voted to reelect President Donald Trump, giving him a wide victory on key states like Florida even as he fell short nationally, Trump's policies left many of... read more

Trump is threatening to veto $740 billion in military spending unless Congress revokes Section 230 — the internet law he hates

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Summary List PlacementPresident Trump is trying desperately to get Section 230, the part of US law that protects Big Tech companies, revoked. The president tweeted late Tuesday night that he would veto the National Defense Authorization Act... read more

Meet 24 women in prime positions to sway the Biden White House

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Summary List PlacementJoe Biden wants to make history by appointing women to senior administration posts long dominated by men. His most high-profile move was naming Kamala Harris as his running mate. But his team has named women for a slew of... read more

Pennsylvania's Supreme Court scrapped a Republican lawsuit that sought to throw out millions of votes and block election certification

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Summary List PlacementPennsylvania's Supreme Court on Saturday dismissed a lawsuit from Republicans that sought to block the election's certification and challenge the constitutionality of the state's mail-in voting law. The lawsuit, led by... read more

Here’s how the US economy could transform under Biden after his appointment of Janet Yellen as Treasury Secretary — starting with sizable stimulus

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Summary List PlacementJanet Yellen's decades of policymaking experience hint at how she will lead the Treasury Department through the US economic recovery. President-elect Joe Biden is reportedly set to nominate Yellen to run the department,... read more

The odds of a stimulus package before January hit rock bottom with Congress deadlocked on coronavirus relief priorities

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Summary List Placement The prospects for another coronavirus relief package before the end of the year diminished rapidly on Thursday, as Republicans and Democrats signaled they did not intend to budge from their long-held positions on... read more

Biden reconsiders Cabinet dream team after Democrats' lackluster Senate gains. Stock sinking for progressives like Bernie, Warren

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Summary List Placement President-elect Joe Biden probably won't get his Cabinet dream team, thanks to Mitch McConnell.  Biden's camp is already rethinking its roster of top officials now that Democrats' chances of capturing a Senate majority... read more

Trump Fact-Check: Why His Claims About Winning The US Election Are False

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Last week there was a US presidential election, won by Joe Biden and lost by Donald Trump. Everyone in the world appears to know this. Except Donald Trump. Instead the now-outgoing president has spent the days since tweeting all manner of lies... read more

Trump officials can be heard on leaked audio denying the election results days after President-elect Joe Biden won

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Summary List Placement In leaked audio of a conference call with the United States Agency for International Development staff on Monday. Acting administrator John Barsa can be heard essentially threatening staff who seek new jobs ahead of... read more

Biden promises swift return US to Paris Agreement, as vote count continues

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Democrat says he is confident campaign is on course for victory, as Donald Trump launches legal action to contest results in key states Joe Biden last night pledged to immediately return the US to the Paris Agreement on... read more