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Britain's Race Problem Rivals America's. It's Just Less Visible

Judging by the tone of some politicians and media pundits, you’d be excused for thinking the UK is an oasis of racial harmony, and that racism is an all-American export. The sad fact is that Britain is often just as racist as America. We just don’t like talking about it. Police killings of Black people and other minorities are... go to Article >

Top 10 best hardcore sports cars 2020

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Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren… they all want to have best hardcore sports car. We've tested them all to determine which one takes the accolade Welcome to true-blue petrolhead territory. This is where incredible outright grip and pace,... read more

Used car buying guide: Alfa Romeo 166

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Quick steering helps to give the 166 a sense of agility The Alfa Romeo 166 was once derided because it shed value so fast but now owners are watching prices rise. Here's how to join them If you wanted to make a profit on a 166 – not one of... read more

Four years ago, Salesforce hired a rock star executive to show the world how to fix workplace diversity. Insiders are disappointed with the slow...

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Summary List PlacementWhen employees arrive at Salesforce's imposing 61-story tower in San Francisco's South of Market district, it's not uncommon to be greeted by Tony Prophet. The 58-year old executive, impeccably-dressed, regularly works the... read more

Autocar at 125: what will the next 25 years bring?

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The pace of automotive development today is unmatched in Autocar’s 125-year history – and it’s only set to increase. We look ahead to what the future holds When contemplating the car’s future, we tend to concentrate on the buzz subjects about... read more

The Problem with Ending Racism

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Even the casual sports fan can no longer avoid Black Lives Matter. The letters lined NBA baselines and smothered the broadcasts. They were featured on player warm-ups and printed on the back of jerseys. The NFL has been less conspicuous, but... read more

Unison Leadership Contender Denies Anti-Semitism Claims As Labour Urged To Investigate

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A contender to lead Britain’s biggest trade union has been reported to the Labour Party for alleged anti-Semitism, HuffPost UK can reveal. Labour Against Antisemitism has urged the party to suspend Unison assistant general secretary Roger... read more

Is the Ferrari SF90 the future of the supercar?

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Will the SF90 prove a blueprint for supercars of the future? The Autocar verdict is mixed Combining a V8 with three electric motors makes the SF90 Stradale a 986bhp beast you can tame. Will it prove a blueprint? My first visit to Maranello... read more

19 of the most powerful women in global finance

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Summary List Placement Jane Fraser will be Citigroup's next CEO, the bank announced Thursday, making her the first woman to run an American bank. Women in senior leadership positions are rare, particularly in the financial sector. Banks have... read more

Instant Opinion: Internal Market Bill ‘isn’t radical enough’

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Description  Your guide to the best columns and commentary on Thursday 17 September Credits  Getty Images Alt Text  Johnson Your guide to the best... read more

How Germany's model of slow, steady growth is helping it outperform countries like the US and emerge as a new democratic leader

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Summary List Placement Thirty years on from reunification, the world still doesn't quite seem to know what it wants of Germany. When its economy struggles, as it did in the mid-1980s and mid-1990s, it is derided as the "sick man of Europe,"... read more