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Ed Davey To Warn Lib Dems Voters See Party As 'Out Of Touch'

Too many voters think the Lib Dems are “out of touch”, Ed Davey will warn party members on Monday.  In his first speech to the party’s conference as leader, Davey will say “listen to what people are really telling us” and “change”. The Lib Dems went into the 2019 election with high expectations of picking up a significant number of... go to Article >

Instant Opinion: Brexit and Biden require ‘bold new British foreign policy’

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Description  Your guide to the best columns and commentary on Monday 26 October Credits  Joshua Lott/Getty Images Alt Text  Joe Biden speaks at the Iowa... read more

Rules Against Racist Hair Discrimination 'Must Be Toughened Up'

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Ministers have been urged to toughen rules around racist hair discrimination which causes “ridiculous” stress and anxiety and can harm Black people’s education and work outcomes. Equalities minister Liz Truss was urged to toughen guidance for... read more

Ed Davey to warn Liberal Democrats that public sees them as ‘out of touch’

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New leader will tell party to ‘listen to what people are really telling us, and to change’ – amid attempt to dilute EU commitment read more

We lost the Brexit fight – now we must listen to voters, Ed Davey urges Lib Dems

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New leader says party must rebuild, amid calls from some members to back rejoining EU Ed Davey, the new Lib Dem leader, has warned his party that it was “diverted and distracted” by Brexit and must now refocus on voters’ more urgent concerns, as... read more

Ed Davey's entirely inconsequential speech: the quintessential Lib Dem event | John Crace

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New Lib Dem leader offers no great vision, no plans for alliances ... nothing much at all Maybe a cardiograph could have picked up a hint of a heartbeat, but to the untrained eye the Lib Dem leadership contest appeared to have been flatlining... read more

Sir Ed Davey confirmed as Lib Dem leader

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Former Energy and Climate Change Secretary secures victory in Liberal Democrat leadership election, as he promises to continue to prioritise climate action Sir Ed Davey has been confirmed as the new Liberal Democrat... read more

It Doesn't Matter Who Wins The Lib Dem Leadership. The Victor Faces An Uphill Struggle

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Whatever else might be said about Jo Swinson, she won’t be a hard act to follow. I’ve got to know both Ed Davey and Layla Moran well over the past few years, and, whichever one my fellow Lib Dem members elect to be our leader later this month,... read more

The Liberal Democrats are about to pick a new leader to revive the party after their 'really bad' general election result

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Voting closes on Wednesday in the contest to be next leader of the Liberal Democrats. Caretaker leader Ed Davey is the bookmakers' favourite in the race alongside fellow Member of Parliament Layla Moran. However, party sources say the contest... read more

MPs table fresh legislation to 'close gaps' in UK Climate Change Act

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Proposed Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill would see international aviation, shipping, and consumption fall within the UK's 2050 net zero target, while putting climate assemblies on a formal standing Legislation aimed... read more

The Guardian view on the Liberal Democrats: a heavyweight leader | Editorial

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Sir Ed Davey says his party and Labour ought to work together to defeat Boris Johnson in 2024. It may not happen, but the ambition is bracing The nation barely noticed that the Liberal Democrats elected their fourth permanent leader, Sir Ed... read more