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Ever thought about a one hour degree?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to get a degree in a fraction of the time it normally takes? The One Hour Degree game has been produced specifically for students who are about to join or have recently begun their degree journey at Kent. It is a narrative based adventure game which […] go to Article >

A NASA spacecraft just landed on an asteroid to suck up rocky dust to bring back to Earth. Here's how the mission works.

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Summary List Placement NASA just landed a spacecraft on an asteroid. If everything went as planned, the probe also sucked up a sample of dust and rock from the surface. From 200 million miles away, NASA and its engineering partner, Lockheed... read more

'Cult of Smart' author Fredrik deBoer on the taboo of admitting some kids just aren't good at school, why 'equality of opportunity' is bunk, and...

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Summary List Placement Fredrik deBoer is an essayist, academic, and avowed Marxist who has contributed writing to outlets as varied as The New York Times, Politico, Gawker, Foreign Policy, The New Republic, and Jacobin.  He's also been a... read more

Women executives at major companies like Intel, Unilever, and McKinsey share their best advice for advancing your career and coming out as a leader...

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Summary List Placement As companies continue to allow employees to work from home, the career advice women have relied on for years — such as, "take a seat at the table," find a mentor, ask for stretch assignments — may seem irrelevant in the... read more

I spent 7 nights working from a 5-star resort in Arizona. From live-music happy hours to poolside cabanas, here's what the 'Work From Hyatt'...

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Summary List Placement Before the pandemic happened, my trip from Jersey City to South Beach in early March was relatively run of the mill. I was traveling to meet my partner for his company's annual board meeting, a business-meets-leisure... read more

Making money off a newsletter doesn't come easy. Substack's cofounder gives 4 secrets to writing emails people will pay to read.

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Summary List Placement Substack, the subscription-newsletter platform founded by Hamish McKenzie, Chris Best, and Jairaj Sethi, has become so ubiquitous in recent months that it seems like every journalist has one. When the conservative New... read more

NASA's OSIRIS-REx spacecraft is about to suck up asteroid rubble for the first time. Watch the risky maneuver live.

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Summary List PlacementFor the first time ever, a NASA spacecraft is about to try to gather up an asteroid's dusty rock.  The $1 billion OSIRIS-REx spacecraft — short for the Origins, Spectral Interpretation, Resource Identification,... read more

I Would Never Have Chosen Homelessness. But This Is What It Taught Me About Resilience

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I would never tell anyone that there are positives to experiencing homelessness. But equally, I think it’s important to look back at experiences of adversity, and consider what they taught us.  Looking back, my experiences of homelessness made... read more

A 35-year-old NASA astronaut, M.D., and Navy SEAL reveals his secrets of success — and his greatest mistake

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Summary List Placement Jonny Kim recently graduated as a NASA astronaut and may one day rocket to the moon or even Mars. At age 35, Kim wields an awe-inspiring resume: He's a Navy SEAL who completed more than 100 combat missions, earned... read more

A 2014 Wiggles Song Is Going Viral For Stereotyping Indian People

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We don’t usually think of The Wiggles as a site of latent controversy. The Australian children’s music group is primarily known for its impressive ability to provide indefatigable kids with songs about… well, I don’t know. Fruit salads. Hot... read more

A man of good character: Law society answers whether a tiger can change his stripes

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As he completed his degree at Osgoode Hall Law School in Toronto, Suresh Sriskandarajah filed his membership application to the Law Society of Ontario, a required step to work as a lawyer.... read more