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First-time buyers frozen out of housing market

Online estate agent Zoopla said the change had resulted from the coronavirus pandemic as younger families had been increasingly shut out by lenders. go to Article >

A market with no inventory where 'cash is becoming king again': How a decadelong surge in North Carolina's housing market exploded in 2020

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Summary List Placement For years, Anthony Steven and his wife had talked about moving from Long Island, New York, to North Carolina's Raleigh area, within the Research Triangle that also encompasses Chapel Hill and Durham. His wife worked... read more

Driving the green recovery: The catalytic potential of fleet electrification pledges

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From Amazon, to Uber and Walmart, major companies have pledged to transition their fleets away from fossil fuels, and the result could be transformative for the automotive sector Amazon's order of 100,000 electric... read more

The 10 most affordable suburbs that will still give home buyers that big city feeling

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Summary List Placement With the pandemic driving a movement towards suburban living, many homeseekers are eager to find the towns that best strike an affordable balance between extra space and city living. The data backs the urban-exodus... read more

San Francisco mayor slams the 'lefty movement' for blocking efforts to address affordable housing crisis

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Summary List Placement As the coronavirus pandemic wears on, residents seem to be fleeing the biggest cities in the US. There's currently double the normal amount of housing inventory — or homes on the market — in San Francisco. At the same... read more

The pandemic didn't kill traditional car buying, but it made clear dealers should get ready for a new way of selling

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Summary List Placement At a time when you can buy almost anything online with a click, purchasing a car remains defiantly old-school.  Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, most customers who wanted to buy or lease a new vehicle had to visit a... read more

The best coolers

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Summary List Placement Whether you're heading out for a weekend camping trip, an afternoon in the park, a tailgating party, or you're grilling in the backyard, you'll need a cooler if you like cold drinks and fresh food. When shopping for a... read more

Find first-time homebuyer programs in your state to help with a down payment, closing costs, and taxes

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Summary List Placement  You may qualify for financial assistance from your state government if you're buying your first home and have a low-to-moderate income. If you get a mortgage from a participating lender, you can receive cash toward a... read more

Review: Kia Sonet vs Hyundai Venue comparison

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If you’re in the market for a compact SUV, be prepared to be spoilt for choice, because as many as seven carmakers have a model for you. But bear with us till we bring the entire pack together for one of our giant comparisons. Today, it’s all... read more

The real electric car revolution has already taken shape with extremely capable plug-in hybrids

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Summary List Placement Much of the talk surrounding the so-called "future" of the automotive space has to do with battery-electric cars. EVs are the hot item buyers and automakers are jumping on now, with the latter spending billions and... read more

Interview: Ho-Sung Song, President, Kia Motors Corporation

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What impact has COVID-19 had on sales for Kia in India, especially for the Seltos? Seltos sales have continuously had momentum, and even during COVID-19 we can see the customers’ interest in the product. We still have good orders in hand. I... read more