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Gillmor Gang: Unsuppressed

Not just the future of civilization is up for grabs this November. In this age of mobile social computing, we’re figuring out how to vote, entertain, teach, learn, and commit to meaningful change. Thanks to the pandemic emergency, our plans for transforming our country and planet are subject to immediate recall. Much of the current […] go to Article >

Gillmor Gang: Electrical Banana

4 Days ago Tech Source:

Thanks I’m giving for the start of the first big online season. Yes, the pandemic has put in place a gigantic move to the digital for our immediate and accelerated future. We all know how this plays out in the required state of things pre-vaccine.... read more

Gillmor Gang: Check, Please

24 Days ago Tech Source:

When we recorded this Gillmor Gang, it was Day Four post election, or midweek in counting the late incoming mail and other provisional ballots. We were largely convinced of the Biden victory, but that nagging doubt instilled in us by 2016 still... read more

Gillmor Gang: Apple Tacks

14 Days ago Tech Source:

When the music’s over, turn out the lights. Back in the day, The Doors were one of a number of 60s rock groups to surface around the intersection of blues, R&B, and a cultural shift that challenged our notions of who was in charge. The Doors were... read more

Gillmor Gang: Home Stretch

50 Days ago Tech Source:

On this edition of the Gillmor Gang, the live recording session was briefly interrupted by a rolling upgrade from Zoom. We’ve been using Zoom to virtualize what we’ve been doing for years with a combination of video switching hardware (Newtek’s... read more

Gillmor Gang: Watch Party

72 Days ago Tech Source:

This Gillmor Gang episode is as much about what we didn’t talk about as what we did. In the run up to the recording session, we somehow suspected we’d talk about Apple’s virtual event on Tuesday. Then, 15 minutes after we finished, RBG lost her... read more

Gillmor Gang: Shaken Not Stirred

30 Days ago Tech Source:

With one day to go to the election, our thoughts are with those who look forward to talking about something else. Difficult as it might be to imagine, there must be other things to work on. One thing that comes to mind is the impact of the virus... read more

Gillmor Gang: Something Goes Right

43 Days ago Tech Source:

Here we sit in the valley of predespair, 2 weeks ahead of the election and God knows where we are in the pandemic. As my partner Tina says to me on this once glorious sunny day (the view formerly known as the Pacific Ocean has been replaced by the... read more

Gillmor Gang: Airborne

59 Days ago Tech Source:

Lorne Michaels is the showrunner, to use a binge term, for Saturday Night Live. The show returned for its first season under the watchful gaze of pandemic rule, and the results were thankfully successful. Last season struggled in the early days of... read more

Gillmor Gang: Over 2 U

65 Days ago Tech Source:

The pandemic shook up our (and virtually every other) video news production process as Zoom became the focus of our daily lives; slowly but surely we’ve altered the production process to reflect Zoom’s easy onboarding and semi-casual approach to... read more

Gillmor Gang: In The Bag

77 Days ago Tech Source:

This may be counterintuitive. I hope so. I remember the day I first started using Twitter. My friend Gabe Rivera suggested it would be a good idea to sign on to the fledgling network. Basically it was a land grab — claim the real estate of my... read more