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Google faces fresh attacks from search engine rivals over its 'profit-sapping' Android choice screen in Europe

Summary List PlacementGoogle is facing fresh criticism from smaller search engine rivals after announcing the results of its latest Android "choice screen" auction in Europe, in which competitors bid for space on Android devices. Unlike anywhere else, new Android phone owners in Europe can decide which search engine they want to... go to Article >

Five of Google's biggest search engine rivals want the EU to take fresh antitrust action

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Summary List Placement Five of Google's biggest competitors have signed an open letter calling on the European Union to launch a fresh antitrust investigation into the search engine giant.  The five signatories include Google's domestic rival... read more

Breaking up Google: Here's how the US government could dismantle the tech giant's dominance — and what it would mean for Google's future (GOOGL)

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Summary List PlacementThree out of four smartphones in the world run on Google's Android software platform. To access the internet, two out of three people worldwide use Google Chrome. And when people across the globe search the web, they turn... read more

An intelligence report by Capitol Police warned 'Congress itself' could be targeted, days before the deadly siege on the US Capitol, according to...

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Summary List PlacementIn a report produced days before the deadly siege on the US Capitol, Capitol Police intelligence warned "Congress itself" could be the target of an attack by pro-Trump protesters. "Supporters of the current president see... read more

A close-up photo of meeting notes carried by MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell appears to include drastic national security moves in his meeting with Trump

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Summary List PlacementOn President Donald Trump's final Friday in office, his public schedule predictably says he "will work from early in the morning until late in the evening. He will make many calls and have many meetings."  It appears that... read more

NASA's attempt to burrow into Mars met 2 insurmountable obstacles: cement-like soil and an unexpected energy shortage

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Summary List PlacementNASA sent its InSight lander to Mars with an ambitious mission: to study the planet's deep internal structure. A crucial piece of that effort — the "mole" — has failed despite two years of attempts to salvage it. The mole... read more

'Let us do the work first': Incoming Citigroup CEO Jane Fraser fended off tough questions about how she'll right the ship as her predecessor Mike...

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Summary List PlacementThe last time Wells Fargo analyst Mike Mayo turned up the heat on Citigroup, he publicly challenged outgoing chief executive Mike Corbat over why he didn't simply throw in the towel right then and there. "Why not step... read more

Investing for inflation means choosing assets that keep pace with rising prices — here's how to inflation hedge to protect your wealth

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Summary List PlacementIf your money isn't moving forward, it's falling back.  That's due to inflation, which is almost always with us. Inflation means that prices for things are rising, and so the same amount of money buys less. So, over time,... read more

Misinformation vs. disinformation: What to know about each form of false information, and how to spot them online

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Summary List PlacementMisinformation is everywhere online, and anyone can be vulnerable to it. On social media, you may have at one point shared an article that you believed to be true at the time, but that you later discovered actually... read more

Climate disasters in the US broke records in 2020. Scientists may now know why: Earth was the hottest it has ever been.

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Summary List PlacementNASA announced Thursday that 2020 was likely the planet's hottest year on record, edging out 2016 by one-tenth of a degree Celsius. The temperatures were close enough to fall within the scientists' margin of error, so... read more

US stocks slide as disappointing bank earnings prompt end-of-week sell-off

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Summary List Placement US stocks sank on Friday as investors digested disappointing bank earnings and a December slump in retail sales. Retail sales shrank 0.7% in December as COVID-19 lockdowns cut into holiday-season spending, according to... read more

7Park Data is killing off the data streams it sells to hedge funds after being sold to another Vista Equity Partners portfolio company

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Summary List Placement7Park Data is shutting off its data streams to investors, its CEO informed clients on Friday, a day after Insider reported the firm would be absorbed by a fellow Vista Equity Partners portfolio company. The company, which... read more