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Greens win mayoral runoffs in 3 west German cities

BERLIN (AP) — Candidates for the environmentalist Greens won mayoral runoff votes in three west German cities Sunday, underscoring the party's strength a year before national elections. The Greens' candidate, Sibylle Keupen, won more than two thirds of the vote in Aachen, on the border with Belgium and the Netherlands.... go to Article >

‘All at sixes and sevens’: a mad day in Premier League history

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Description  Liverpool goalkeeper Adrian bumps fists with Aston Villa hat-trick hero Ollie Watkins   Credits  Peter Powell/Getty Images Alt Text  Liverpool... read more

2 years before D-Day, the Allies tried to invade Nazi-occupied Europe — they failed miserably

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In August 1942, Allied forces launched a raid on a Nazi-occupied port in France to see if such an invasion was possible on a larger scale. The raid on Dieppe was a failure, costing the Allies hundreds of troops and scores of tanks and... read more

How to buy a used car: Top tips from an expert

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Finding that bargain car is like good comedy: it’s all about timing. Here are the best buys, from superminis to sports cars, and when to buy them Records show that demand for second-hand cars in Britain has never been higher. But even with... read more

Coronavirus recovery: Oil and gas firms call for UK hydrogen transport 'revolution'

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Investment in hydrogen infrastructure should form major part of coronavirus recovery plan, argues North West Hydrogen Alliance Investment in hydrogen infrastructure should form a core part of the government's coronavirus... read more

Football quiz: host venues

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How much do you know about the places that have held World Cups, Euros and Champions League finals? Complete this sequence: Uruguay, Italy, England, West Germany, Argentina … Brazil Spain South Africa France Who were the first English club to... read more

79 years ago, Hitler picked a fight that may have cost him World War II

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In the early morning hours of June 22, 1941, the largest invasion in the history of warfare kicked off with millions of Axis troops crossing the border into the Soviet Union. Operation Barbarossa, as it was called, took the Germans to the... read more

Review: Hyundai Kona Electric vs MG ZS EV comparison

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From once being mere ‘green’ statements, electric vehicles (EVs) today have evolved into everyday cars that can be as practical as their internal combustion engine (ICE) counterparts, if driven within a limited range. Hyundai was the first... read more

Mercedes-Benz CLS vs Porsche Panamera: twin test

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Merc generates 362bhp and 369lb ft Which of Porsche and Mercedes’ bludgeoning electrified luxury cars can deliver the knockout punch? Displacement-defying frugality? Given Mercedes-Benz is, at time of writing, amid the ordeal of... read more