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Hannity Has Fox News Cameras Camped Outside Joe Biden’s House (Video)

The news division at Fox News reportedly passed on the Hunter Biden story that ended up in the New York Post that has been hammered this week for not having much of a foundation in reality. But the Fox News primetime pundits have been talking about little else over the past week. And Sean Hannity went so hard on that topic Tuesday... go to Article >

Karl Rove Tells Fox News Trump Is Beginning to Look ‘Like a Sore Loser’ (Video)

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While hundreds of Republican officials are backing Donald Trump’s baseless claims that the election was stolen from him, Karl Rove, one of the core members of George W. Bush’s administration, says the president is starting to look like a “sore... read more

Expect to hear from Bernie, AOC, and these other 28 progressive power players during a Biden administration

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Summary List Placement Progressives helped Joe Biden get elected. But their help wasn't free. They view the incoming White House as their best chance to get the ball rolling on topics that took a back seat over the last four years, including... read more

Sam Elliott Reminds Us ‘There Is Only One America’ in Joe Biden World Series Ad (Video)

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During game one of the 2020 world series, Joe Biden released a new ad focused hard on the idea of national unity and American problem-solving, drawing by implication a stark contrast to the divisive and chaotic Trump era. And to really ram the... read more

Hannity Suggests No Moderator for Future Debates: ‘Let Them Have at It’ (Video)

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Most of the pundits who appeared on Fox News after Tuesday’s presidential debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump had little but raves for Trump’s performance. Sean Hannity, for example, said he actually liked that Trump constantly interrupted... read more

Trump Leaves Hospital To Surprise Supporters Outside Walter Reed

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The coronavirus continues to rage through President Donald Trump’s inner circle and high-level Republican politics. Trump is hospitalised after testing positive for the virus. He and first lady Melania Trump announced their results Friday after... read more

Seth Meyers: Republicans Are ‘Whiniest Little Babies in the World’ About Kamala Harris (Video)

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As expected, Kamala Harris has gotten the full treatment this week from Republicans and the extremist right-wing talking heads at Fox News after Joe Biden picked her as his running mate on Tuesday. And on Thursday night, Seth Meyers took a few... read more

Watch Rachel Maddow’s Rapid Fire Fact Check of Trump’s RNC Speech (Video)

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Amid sweltering temperatures in front of an audience that was visibly exhausted by the heat and humidity, Donald Trump delivered a meandering, 70-minute acceptance speech on the last night of the 2020 Republican National Convention. And as is... read more

Melania Trump, Mike Pompeo the big headliners on second day of RNC

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WASHINGTON — Melania Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo are the big headliners tonight on Day 2 of the Republican National Convention.... read more