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How Japan, the home of Sony and Nintendo, fell behind Silicon Valley on software — and how founders and investors plan to catch up

Summary List Placement Tech giants in the West used to look up to Sony. In its heyday, the company was arguably Japan's most famous technology brand, known for its cutting-edge design and cool image. Apple cofounder Steve Jobs took inspiration from Sony's Vaio laptops for the Macbook Air; Sony's Walkman and CD players prefigured... go to Article >

34 business books every professional needs to read before turning 30

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Summary List Placement Many young professionals have seen their careers derailed by the current recession. One way to get back on track: Read a book. Specifically, a book that will teach you crucial lessons about professional success and... read more

The CEO of Disco, a legal tech that sells cloud-based discovery software, walked us through a 20-page pitch deck the startup used to nab $60 million

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Summary List Placement Cloud-based technology is having its moment, especially in the legal industry. As attorneys have been propelled to work remotely amid the pandemic, data security and streamlined work processes are top-of-mind for law... read more

SoftBank-backed companies laid off more than 16,800 people in 2020 as the pandemic ravages startups

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Summary List Placement SoftBank-backed companies are laying off thousands of employees globally as they struggle to find paths to profitability. In the first full week of 2020, four companies – Oyo, Rappi, Getaround, and Zume – laid off a... read more

How the crown prince of Saudi Arabia made his way into Silicon Valley circles with a $3.5 billion investment in Uber

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Summary List Placement   It seemed like an April Fool's joke. John Micklethwait, the Oxford-educated editor in chief of Bloomberg News, went on TV on April 1, 2016, to report that Saudi Arabia was going to start a $2 trillion investment fund.... read more

The biggest US health insurer has a $600 million VC arm that places bets on the future of healthcare. Here are Optum Ventures' 12 biggest investments.

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Optum Ventures is a $600 million venture fund associated with UnitedHealth Group, the biggest health insurer in the US. The fund launched in 2017 and has invested in 29 startups since its founding, with a focus on digital health, a spokesman... read more

Construction tech startup Mosaic just raised $14 million in a Series A round led by Andreessen Horowitz. Here's its pitch deck laying out how it is...

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Summary List Placement Construction tech start-up raised a $14.25 million Series A round led by Silicon Valley heavyweights a16z, and signed a deal to build 400 more homes in Arizona. The company uses software to create step-by-step building... read more

A Latin American short-term rental startup just raised $48 million in a Series A led by a16z. Here's the deck it uses to pitch institutional...

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Summary List Placement Mexico City-based short-term rental startup Casai has raised a $48 million Series A round, the largest Series A in Mexican history.  The round is led by Silicon Valley-heavyweights Andreessen Horowitz, and also includes... read more

Oracle's TikTok victory highlights Larry Ellison's reputation as a 'sharp-elbows entrepreneur' who experts say has benefited from his embrace of...

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Summary List Placement In February, Oracle founder Larry Ellison found himself under fire from some of his own employees who were up in arms about his plan to hold a fundraising dinner for President Donald Trump. "His alliance with this... read more

Top tech companies like Salesforce and Twitter are currently hiring for remote jobs — here's how to land one of these coveted roles

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Summary List Placement Not long ago, getting a job at a big tech company meant you had to live in one of the tech hubs such as Silicon Valley, Seattle, New York, or Boston. Even if you planned to work from home most or all of the time, you... read more

Trump's week with COVID-19

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Summary List Placement Hello, What a week it's been. If you can believe it, it was just a week ago that we learned that President Donald Trump had been diagnosed with COVID-19. After a four-day stay at the hospital, he's back at the White... read more