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How to connect your Xbox One controller to a PC in 3 different ways

Summary List PlacementPC gaming is one of the more multidimensional consoles when it comes to offering gamers multiple ways to enjoy their gaming experience. PC gamers can also enjoy a large pool of digital games available from the digital distribution platform Steam, making PC gaming exceptionally diverse.  In addition to using a... go to Article >

How to use Android's 'Messages for web' feature to send and receive texts from a web browser on any device

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Summary List PlacementBetween Google's Duo, Hangouts, Voice, and others, it would be difficult to accuse Google of not having enough messaging services. "Messages for web" is the latest messaging service. Similar to Apple's iCloud messaging,... read more

How to see the edit history for cells in Google Sheets and spot changes or mistakes in a spreadsheet

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Summary List PlacementOne of Google Workspace's best features across its product suite is its edit history tool, which is available for Docs, Slides, and Sheets. The feature lets users view previous versions of the file, which can be named and... read more

How To Start Saving If You Feel Like You Haven't A Penny

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All too often, people think you need to be making decent money in order to start saving money - but that’s not necessarily the case. No matter how low (or high) your earnings, it’s never too early to start learning to cut back on spending and... read more

Why is my computer fan so loud? 5 ways to troubleshoot a noisy computer

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Summary List PlacementAs a computer endures use, its fans may begin to work overtime and produce a loud noise. This can be caused by anything from overworking the computer's CPU, to its specific settings adjustment, to the type of computer... read more

I'm an English tutor in Russia who makes up to $10,000 a month. High-end clients often send their personal chauffeurs to pick me up, and my...

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Summary List PlacementI've been a self-employed English tutor in Russia since 2013. I work mainly with Russian kids whose families found me where I'm located in Moscow, but I do have a few students in England, Canada, and the US. My lessons... read more

5 Easy Ways To Help Improve Your Credit Score

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If the mention of a “credit score” makes your eyes glaze over - or sends a tingle of fear down your spine, you’re not alone. Many of us are unaware of our credit scores, or what factors contribute to them.Anyone – landlords, lenders, mobile... read more

Investors like Alexa von Tobel want to see your startup's 10-year plan. Here's how to organize it in a pitch deck, including the business terms you...

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Summary List PlacementWhen Alexa von Tobel was raising money for her startup LearnVest 11 years ago, she'd often tell investors that she dropped out of Harvard Business School during the recession to create the company.  "Actions speak louder... read more

How a 91-year-old record label is using TikTok to promote its artists, including hiring micro influencers to spark trends

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Summary List PlacementWith hundreds of millions of users globally and a music-focused user interface, TikTok has became the main platform for record labels to reach young fans. And as live shows have been put on hold during the coronavirus... read more

A Fidelity fund manager overseeing $6.5 billion breaks down the investment strategy she's used to beat 94% of peers — and shares 5 stocks set to...

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Summary List PlacementFor Karoline Rosenberg, co-fund portfolio manager of Fidelity's $6.5 bln European Dynamic Growth Fund, the key to success is to play to your strengths. In her case, that means cutting through the macro noise to find the... read more

Logitech's new $80 Bluetooth computer speakers sound great for the price and deliver convenient wireless control for a clean workspace

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  Summary List Placement Logitech's Z407 Bluetooth computer speakers offer wireless control for a clean desktop workspace. The updated design looks modern without swaying too much towards futuristic, and offers two setup options for a custom... read more