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How UBS sees the future of the housing market: People will flee big cities for cheaper states, and big cities will be fine

A UBS report on residential real estate details which trends in the pandemic-era housing market are cyclical and which are structural, or permanent.  The move away from big cities, trend toward savings-friendly states, and increases in homeownership are all real, but not all a result of the pandemic.  The urban exodus is both... go to Article >

Meet the rising stars making waves in commercial and residential real estate in 2020

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Summary List PlacementThe coronavirus pandemic has upended the real-estate industry, forcing traditional offices and shops to reinvent themselves and causing millions of Americans to relocate or reconsider their home bases for work, financial,... read more

Here are the 17 stocks best-positioned to benefit from a booming supersonic jet industry that will be worth $340 billion by 2040, UBS says

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Summary List PlacementBy 2040, UBS envisions business travellers will once again be jetting around the globe faster than the speed of sound. A recent UBS evidence lab survey found around 25% of over 6,000 respondents would be willing to pay... read more

All 11 US airlines are running Black Friday sales, but the meager discounts are just another sign of an industry in crisis — here's the list

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Summary List PlacementBlack Friday is here, and airlines are looking to get a jump on 2021 travel bookings after a lackluster Thanksgiving. All 11 major US airlines have some kind of Black Friday special with discounted flights and other... read more

Starlink profits are supposed to help SpaceX head to Mars, but the satellite-internet project may need 3 million subscribers just to break even

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Summary List PlacementEvery few weeks, SpaceX deploys dozens of Starlink satellites into orbit, moving ever closer to realizing its planned fleet of thousands, and perhaps tens of thousands, of the spacecraft. SpaceX's goal isn't simply to add... read more

Meet the 13 power players shaping the future of New Jersey's potentially $1 billion market for recreational marijuana

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Summary List Placement New Jerseyans voted overwhelmingly to legalize marijuana in the state earlier this month, fulfilling one of Gov. Phil Murphy's longtime promises.  While lawmakers have since sparred over the finer details of passing... read more

Apple's iPhone 12 Mini is a compact phone without compromise — unless you're looking for extra-long battery life

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Summary List Placement Your phone is probably your lifeline to just about everything — the news, your job, friends and family, and entertainment — so it makes sense that the screens on our mobile devices have only gotten larger. But, that... read more

Single-family homes were on the way out last year. Here's how they're rescuing 2020's housing market.

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Summary List Placement   In mid-March, the housing market was sent into a freeze as the coronavirus pandemic forced the closure of non-essential businesses and shelter-at-home orders were placed around the country.  On a national level, the... read more

Inside Cheddar, the millennial-news network trying to find its footing after a $200 million exit and big layoffs during the pandemic

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Summary List Placement In April, Dexter Goei, the CEO of Altice USA, and Jon Steinberg, the founder of Cheddar, virtually addressed a crowd of curious and apprehensive Cheddar employees. This was a rare joint appearance by the millennial-news... read more

The 7 cities around the world most at risk of a housing bubble

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Summary List PlacementOn a global scale, the housing market has shown strength during the coronavirus pandemic, despite the economic downturn.  A recent report by UBS identified three factors for its resilience. First, as home prices are a... read more

The West Coast's record wildfire season has ground the real-estate industry to a halt with $8 billion of assets in danger — and it could be...

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Summary List Placement The 2020 wildfires are some of the worst in the history of the West Coast. In recent weeks, dozens of fires have lit up California, Oregon, and Washington, burning both rural and suburban communities — more than 5... read more