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I’m pretty sure Gritty is about to ascend and unleash cosmic horrors on the Earth

We must stop Gritty before it’s too late. Gritty has blessed our lives with merriment and mirth ever since arriving in the Fall of 2018, but there’s always been something that doesn’t sit quite right with me — and now I know those instincts were correct. I’VE HAD AN AWAKENINGAllow me to introduce my crystals. A... go to Article >

12 predictions that will determine the NBA season

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Our writers give their NBA predictions at the onset of the season. Only two months after the Los Angeles Lakers were crowned as champions inside the bubble, a new NBA season arrives with the league returning to home arenas. The... read more

Fumble Friday: More data from our Football Manager disaster

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Recently, Kofie and Jon completed their largest Fumble Dimension experiment to date. We’ve got it all here, along with some other stats and notes from this disaster. In case you missed it, Jon and I recently finished a two-part... read more

The congressional bill that would expand college athletes’ rights, explained

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Why the College Athletes Bill of Rights could be a game-changer. The age-old debate over whether college athletes should get paid is still alive and well. But in this game of tug-of-war, it seems as though the argument for paying... read more

Backyard Football convinced my childhood self that Dan Marino was trash

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The Dolphins legend was great in real life, but in Backyard Football? Not so much January 15th, 2000 was Dan Marino’s last NFL football game ever. He played like shit and was pulled mid-game. For a Hall-of-Famer, that’s a hell of... read more

Podcast: Why Aaron Rodgers has more on the line than anyone else this weekend

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Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images If he’s able to secure another Super Bowl, he begins to be able to knock on the door of that hallowed QB room. Careers are built during the regular season, but legacies are defined in... read more

Secret Base Reviews: Starting to Train for a Half Marathon

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Getty Images I’m one and a half weeks in and I’ve got opinions Please note: I am not evaluating the entirety of training for a half marathon, just the beginning part where you’re easing into it. I started training for a... read more

This rugby player got a red card for using the ref as a celebration prop

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Lifted the dude up like he was Simba ... A cardinal rule in any sport is that you can’t touch the ref. That also includes lifting the ref into the air and using them as a prop while you’re celebrating. Josaia Raisuqe, a player... read more

Podcast: The Bears are making a mistake keeping Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy

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Photo by Robin Alam/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images In a move that pleased nobody, the Bears stuck to their guns. The SB Nation NFL Show breaks it down on their podcast. Let’s say you run an NFL team... Your general... read more

James Harden is about to get traded to the Nets or 76ers

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Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports James Harden’s trade demand is finally going to be resolved. Will he end up in Brooklyn or Philly? A James Harden trade is coming, and there are reportedly only two teams seriously vying for the... read more

Media Club: The Octonauts

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What is this adorable undersea rescue team hiding? Why won’t they disclose their financial backers? One thing I didn’t appreciate about children before I had them is that when they like something, they REALLY like something. You... read more

NFL expert picks for the Divisional Playoff round

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Photo by Cliff Welch/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images Tom Brady versus Drew Brees. Lamar Jackson versus Josh Allen. It’s going to be a great weekend The first NFL Super Wild Card Weekend was a total blast. The only game... read more