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I'm a homeschooling father of 6 who just took my first trip since March. Here's how I spent my money in September.

Summary List Placement  I'm a father of six earning six figures in Cincinnati, Ohio, and I have a couple of side hustles that bring in extra cash. My wife is a full-time parent. September was a pretty typical month for our spending, though I did take my first trip since March, road tripping around southern Oregon and northern... go to Article >

I had a child at 18, and I can tell you: Raising kids doesn't have to be as expensive as they say

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Summary List Placement I had a child at 18 and was overwhelmed when I learned that the USDA estimates the cost of raising a child to 18 to be between $233,000 and $284,570. In the years I've been a parent, though, I've spent a lot less without... read more

I Grew Up Surrounded By Religious Fanatics. Here's What I Know About Trump Supporters

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During the days immediately after the election, most of which I spent doomscrolling through social media on my phone in a kind of trance, my childhood best friend sent me a clip. Her caption was simple: “When people ask me why I don’t go to... read more

How the sprint for a coronavirus vaccine transformed Moderna into a $39 billion biotech powerhouse that's poised to reshape biotech

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Summary List Placement In January, Stéphane Bancel, the chief executive of Moderna, was skimming through the news on his iPad while vacationing with his family in the south of France. A headline stopped his finger: "Health Officials Work to... read more

These People Were Killed In The UK's Second Wave Of Covid-19

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On November 11 – just eight months after its first recorded fatality – the UK’s Covid-19 death toll passed 50,000.  In September, health secretary Matt Hancock told the Commons’ health and social care committee there was “no inevitability to a... read more

COVID from coast to coast: Everything you need to know right now, from cases to restrictions

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With the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic underway, numerous provinces and territories are experiencing... read more

What 22 successful people were doing in their teens and early 20s

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Summary List Placement For the millennial generation, it can feel almost impossible to stay fit and healthy, maintain a social life, and have your career sorted by the time you hit your 20s. It's easy to look at the most successful people in... read more

I Live Alone. This Is My Survival Guide For Lockdown 2.0

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I remember the feeling very clearly. The rising panic in my chest when Boris Johnson announced the first national lockdown on the evening of March 23.  I had held it together until then, but the reality of hearing the words broke me.  It was... read more

I charge up to $350,000 to coach ultra-wealthy families on Ivy League admissions and academics. Some parents fly me out on private planes and...

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Summary List Placement Cardinal Education started as a tutoring company almost two decades ago. We have consultants who specialize in admission to private high schools, colleges, and universities, and others who specialize in dealing with... read more

The Curse of November 16

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  Grand  Duke Ludwig IV and Grand Duchess Alice and their children(all images except for Getty: Marlene A. Eilers Koenig Collection) In November 1878 diphtheria struck the Grand Ducal House of Hesse and by  Rhine with a vengeance.  The... read more

Inside Ontario's overwhelmed labs: How lingering issues and mistakes caused massive COVID-19 testing backlog

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Over the summer, as the rest of the country opened up and slowed down, and the specter of COVID-19 began to... read more