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I traveled 30 hours from New Orleans to New York City in Amtrak's private Roomette sleeper cabin — here's why it's a great option for socially distant travel

 Summary List Placement If you're planning to travel a long distance but don't want to board a plane or drive for hours, train travel is another option experts consider to be relatively safe. I traveled 30 hours from New Orleans to New York City in a private Amtrak Viewliner Roomette for extra social distancing and sleep comfort.... go to Article >

I traveled 30 hours from New Orleans to New York City in Amtrak's private Roomette sleeper cabin — here's why it's a great option for socially...

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I'm an Amtrak convert after a trip in a Viewliner Roomette. It felt safer than flying, easier than driving, and worth the added cost and travel time. read more

7 tips from travel writers on how to plan safe vacations during a pandemic

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  Most travel in 2020 has been upended by the novel coronavirus pandemic. As states reopened, travelers cautiously weighed options and altered plans and behavior to resume travel, but safely. This includes travel writers, who are sharing... read more

With standalone tiny cabins ensconced in nature, Getaway makes for an ideal socially distant stay — here's what I loved about my trip, plus key...

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  If you're looking to get away into nature but prefer not to camp, Getaway cabins provide a camp-like experience with modern comforts around the country. I spent my first post-lockdown trip in a Getaway cabin and while small, it was a... read more

14 hotels across the US that offer standalone cottages, villas, cabins, and bungalows for a socially distant stay

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  As Americans seek safer travel, hotels with enclosed, shared common spaces are likely to be avoided in favor of socially distant lodging. But some hotels make it easy to maintain distance with standalone accommodations similar to a vacation... read more

15 alternative resorts across the US that are perfect for social distancing, from a tiny house resort in upstate New York to a bohemian yurt...

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The key to taking a vacation during the pandemic is privacy and lots of outdoor space for social distancing. From bohemian yurts to tiny houses, Business Insider rounded up some of the best alternative resorts in the US for social distancing.... read more

13 unique Airbnb escapes in New York's Hudson Valley, no car required

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  As New York slowly begins to reopen following the novel coronavirus, many city dwellers will be looking for a weekend getaway where they can enjoy nature and escape the crowds. Airbnb is a great option for travelers since it offers the option... read more

I flew on a $2 million 'personal' private jet that only needs one pilot and saw why it will be among the most in-demand jets for post-pandemic travel

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The Cirrus Vision Jet is one of the newest personal private jets on the market, requiring only one pilot to fly with maximum seating for seven.  The $2 million entry-level aircraft allows private pilots to fly further and faster in a jet with... read more

The best Airbnbs in New England

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  As travel restrictions surrounding the novel coronavirus begin to lift, many travelers are opting for safer takes on summer vacation. Private vacation home rentals such as Airbnb allows travelers to more easily practice social distancing than... read more