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Instant Opinion: Britain has no right to be independent ‘if we can’t handle the EU’

Description  Your guide to the best columns and commentary on Thursday 10 September Credits  John Thys/Pool/AFP via Getty Images Alt Text  European Union Your guide to the best columns and commentary on Thursday 10 September... go to Article >

As A Woman Of Colour, I'm Thinking Of Leaving The Country

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“I just want to pack up and leave”. You’re probably familiar with this sentiment by now, and I am sure someone in your life has said that to you in the past 10 months. That’s quite possibly because, here in the UK, we are not only facing one of... read more

Top 10 best electric sports cars 2021

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Some of the fastest cars on the planet are now powered by electricity. These are the best ones right now, along with the most anticipated You might wonder what, in this relatively new world of high-performance motoring, enthusiasts with... read more

How To Talk To Friends And Family Breaking Lockdown Rules

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Covid has become the new Brexit: a subject capable of dividing families and friendship groups in an instant. While we know lockdown compliance is high overall, we also know that rule breaking or bending is happening.  In Priti Patel’s... read more

Windrush Scandal: 'Justice Still Not Served In 2020,' Say Survivors Awaiting Compensation

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With 2021 around the corner, the vast majority of Windrush compensation scheme claimants have yet to receive any payouts. Recent figures suggest that just 15% have been awarded – meanwhile the human cost of this catastrophe cannot be... read more

Distraction Is Our Friend And Enemy Right Now. Here's Why

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Staring at the wall instead of emailing your boss? Analysing your lockdown house plant purchases more than usual? You’re not alone.   Distraction has defined our days during the pandemic, as our sorry brains seek to make sense of all the ways... read more

Sand of opportunity: Prodrive on its Dakar rally racer

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The British motorsport firm has designed a rally-raider to defeat the desert wilderness of Saudi Arabia and, as we discover, optimism abounds Britain’s all-new, multimillion-pound desert racer – the Prodrive-built, Bahraini-backed BRX T1 – is... read more

Covid Won’t Go Away Until We Take Control Of Our Borders

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Until recently, our borders haven’t been the focus of much attention – from media or from politicians – but they are and will continue to be one of the most important weapons we have in the fight against Covid. So why aren’t we talking more... read more

Porsche 911 Carrera 2021 long-term review

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Our base 911 is shorn of frills but isn’t short on appeal. It’s time to have some fun Why we’re running it: Because this is the world’s most famous sports car in its purest form. How much 911 do you really need? Month 2 - Month 1 - Specs... read more

Joe Manchin just became one of the most important people in Joe Biden's Washington

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Summary List PlacementSen. Joe Manchin is now one of the most powerful people on Capitol Hill. And he knows it. Democrats will hold a slim majority in the Senate after Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff clinched victories in the Georgia runoffs,... read more

125 Years Of Autocar

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Imagine, if you can, a world without cars, a world where road traffic moves at the speed of the pedestrian, the pedal cycle and the horse-drawn cart. It’s not a silent world: the noises are just different – the shouting of street vendors, the... read more