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Investors should be prepared for inflation, but gold may not provide the right protection, a JPMorgan chief strategist says

David Kelly of JPMorgan Asset Management told Bloomberg that investors should "take inflation seriously."  But the chief global strategist doesn't believe buying gold is the best strategy to hedge against this looming inflation. Instead, investors should consider real estate, commodities, real assets, and value stocks. Visit... go to Article >

Time is ticking to secure a Brexit deal. Here are 2 ways JPMorgan's chief market strategist for Europe says investors should prepare their...

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Summary List Placement This week could be "crunch week" for the British government to secure a Brexit deal with the European Union. "We've got 10 more days, max," said one UK official to a reporter at the Financial Times on November 15,... read more

JPMorgan’s quant chief shares 5 trade recommendations following Pfizer’s vaccine ‘game-changer’ (JPM)

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Summary List Placement Pfizer's vaccine progress "is a game-changer" that will sustain a broad market rotation through the end of the year, Marko Kolanovic, a top quantitative strategist at JPMorgan, said Thursday.  Monday saw the biggest... read more

Monday's mammoth shift to value stocks previews the market rotations coming next year, JPMorgan says

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Summary List Placement Monday's positive vaccine news drove the biggest one-day rotation to value stocks since 2008, and investors should prepare for similar moves in the near future, JPMorgan strategists said Thursday. Though momentum in the... read more

Billionaire investor Stanley Druckenmiller says work-from-home stocks are overvalued, and a rotation into value names is 'entirely rational'

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Summary List Placement American billionaire Stanley Druckenmiller told CNBC that work-from-home stocks are pretty pricey, and a pivot into some of the beaten-down value stocks would be reasonable. Druckenmiller advised investors against going... read more

The S&P 500 will soon see a double-digit correction but investors should use it to buy not bail, Wall Street strategy chief says

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Summary List Placement CFRA's Sam Stovall said that the recent S&P 500 pullback may be converted into a "low-level, double-digital correction."  The chief investment strategist said that this will be an opportunity for investors to buy, not... read more

A Wall Street chief strategist details 8 ways today's economy mirrors the 1980s recession recovery — and how it can lift stocks even higher

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Summary List Placement Today's inflation concerns mirror those seen after the 1980 economic slump. And James Paulsen, chief strategist at The Leuthold Group, sees the trend as a boon for markets. The inflation surge seen four decades ago... read more

Beginner's guide to investing in gold: The major ways to buy and trade gold, and the benefits and drawbacks of each

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Summary List PlacementAh, gold. It's rare, accepted everywhere, and governments can't print it at will. These are the reasons that some folks — fondly known as "gold bugs" — have always invested heavily in the honey-hued metal. And in times of... read more

Don't put too much energy into predicting the result -- 5 key tips for clients from strategists at JPMorgan's $1.9 trillion asset management arm...

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Summary List Placement JPMorgan's asset management division is advising clients to not put too much energy into trying to predict the election results and spend more time understanding the market implications of various outcomes. At a US... read more

Northwestern Mutual's chief strategist told us the 6 market drivers he's watching most closely amid the volatility — and broke down where he's...

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Summary List Placement Brent Schutte believes that there's likely little that will stop the continued economic recovery — and the broadening bull market that will follow.  The Northwestern Mutual investment chief doesn't believe the outcome of... read more

Dow climbs 325 points as Trump backtracks, says he's open to piecemeal stimulus

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Summary List Placement US stocks climbed on Wednesday after President Donald Trump signaled in a series of tweets that he was open to some stimulus measures being passed, including direct payments to Americans and aid to the airline... read more