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'It is like sitting on a cliff': September, schools, and pre-traumatic stress disorder in COVID times

The first one happened in early March, as the pandemic loomed and Harvard evolutionary psychologist Deidre Barrett first began realizing, “oh my god, this is really coming.” Barrett found herself inside a beautiful... go to Article >

I'm a preschool teacher who is teaching virtually during the pandemic. Here's how my job has changed, and my advice on how parents can best support...

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Summary List Placement This is my third year teaching, and it's safe to say that it isn't anything like I expected. I'm a preschool teacher in Ohio, and I love my job.  My job totally changed back in March, when we switched to virtual teaching... read more

UK coronavirus live: Boris Johnson faces Keir Starmer at PMQs as more regions of England go into tier 3

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Latest updates: South Yorkshire third region in England to get strictest measures after local leaders agreed a deal with government South Yorkshire agrees to go under tier 3 Covid restrictions Andy Burnham hits out at Tory MPs over negotiations... read more

UK coronavirus live: Sturgeon warns going 'soft' a mistake as she says Scotland won't ignore scientific advice

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Latest updates: minister says Covid restrictions require ‘difficult judgment’ of protecting lives while prioritising education and jobs Ministers ignored Sage advice to impose lockdown Tempers flare over new rules Redundancies rise at record... read more

A new online class developed by Stanford lecturers and professional comedy writers is helping virtual work teams be more creative and effective

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 Summary List Placement "Remotely Humorous" is a three-part course available on edX focused on using humor and levity to create better workplaces — both in employee satisfaction and in results. Designed by two Stanford lecturers and some of the... read more

When Being Tired Is Actually Depression

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Depression may be among the most common mental health issues, but it is still often misunderstood. Many people assume that the condition manifests itself in really overt sorrow and hopelessness. But the symptoms tend to be much broader, and... read more

Couple who quit jobs to live on a boat reveal what life off land is like

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After a rough year and work dread, they changed their lives (Picture: Jam Press) If you’ve ever been on holiday and thought ‘what if I just never went back?’ you’re not alone. Ryan Osborne, 34, and Elena Manighetti, 33, had that same... read more

Your Self-Care Toolkit For Dealing With The Tough Months Ahead

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Feeling blue? You’re not alone. The Covid-19 pandemic has had clear repercussions for mental health, with some people impacted more than others. A study published in the Lancet journal comparing our mental health in April 2019 to this year found... read more

The best Airstream trailer rentals on Airbnb and Vrbo

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 Summary List Placement As the travel landscape shifts in response to COVID-19, travelers are considering alternatives to staying in hotels and resorts. RVs and camper vans are enjoying newfound... read more

Will Boris Johnson’s Northern Exposure On Covid Cost Him Dear At The Next Election?

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The ‘I, Sage’ is coming, The Sun’s zooming in/ Lockdown expected, the excuses are growing thin. A new Covid error, but he has no fear/ ’Cause Boris is drowning. He lives by the river. For many local leaders in the north dealing with coronavirus,... read more

'They Care More About The Money Than Us': Students Lash Out Government For 'Neglecting' Them

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Students have warned of widespread mental health issues amid fears they will be asked to stay at university over the Christmas break. With the vast majority of lectures moved online, strict rules around socialising and reports of outbreaks in... read more