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"It's our neighborhood, but it's also a safety net:" How households in a Texas neighborhood banded together to exchange essential items and help each other through the coronavirus pandemic.

A neighborhood on the outskirts of Austin, Texas, is coming together to help each other through the coronavirus pandemic. Neighbors in Ratten Creek are donating supplies, money, and time to those who need help paying emergency bills and grocery shopping. Others are using their skills and passions, like art, sewing, and landscaping,... go to Article >

Here are the 7 key bets Amazon is making to transform the $3.6 trillion healthcare industry

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Summary List Placement Over the years, Amazon has grown into a massive $1.63 trillion company by disrupting the traditional way people shop. Now its eyes are set on healthcare, an industry ripe for disruption. "The company is disrupting the... read more

Here's the coronavirus safety gear you should pack if you really must travel this holiday season

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 Summary List Placement With the third wave of COVID-19 growing, the CDC is urging Americans to avoid traveling this holiday season as flying, driving, or seeing other families increases the risk of contracting the disease yourself or... read more

Review: 2020 City vs Verna vs Rapid vs Vento vs Ciaz vs Yaris comparison

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Sales in the segment might be on a steady decline, but carmakers sure haven’t given up on the mid-size sedan. There’s been a spurt of activity in the segment since the start of this year and while the contenders are familiar, much has changed... read more

The best hotels in the US with in-room jacuzzi or hot tubs for every budget

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 Summary List Placement For most Americans, international travel to exotic destinations is still off the table, but there are plenty of indulgent places to stay in the US.  For added luxury, or to simply savor extra room for social distancing,... read more

A state-by-state look at unemployment in America: 50 people share how they're getting by — and what's next

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Summary List Placement Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, 55 million Americans have filed for unemployment. The stories below highlight 50 of them. To highlight the scope of the job loss, and the human toll it's taken, Business... read more

Why Boris Johnson’s Excuses About Free School Meals Don’t Add Up

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In a political row as emotive as the free school meals saga, it’s little wonder the Tories – who voted overwhelmingly against extending the voucher scheme – are desperate to justify their position.  Facing a barrage of criticism, and an... read more

Long Covid Isn't Just Leaving People Sick – It's Taking Everything They've Got

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People suffering with long-term symptoms of Covid-19 have revealed how the virus has impacted their ability to work – and in some cases, left them in financial ruin.  One in 10 people are reporting a longer tail of symptoms, which exceeds the... read more

America's infrastructure has been severely impacted by COVID-19. Investing in it could help the economy recover faster.

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Summary List Placement The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed several flaws in America's infrastructure, while also shining a light on some of its potential. According to panelists at the United for Infrastructure 2020 Kickoff Event on September... read more

How to buy the best patio heater

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 Summary List Placement Patio heaters have been in short supply as folks attempt to set up their outdoor spaces for the fall and winter.  While we haven't been able to get our hands on many patio heaters to test, we talked to three experts about... read more

14 hotels across the US that offer standalone cottages, villas, cabins, and bungalows for a socially distant stay

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  As Americans seek safer travel, hotels with enclosed, shared common spaces are likely to be avoided in favor of socially distant lodging. But some hotels make it easy to maintain distance with standalone accommodations similar to a vacation... read more