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Italy travel advice: can you cancel over coronavirus?

When airlines and insurers will offer refunds to those who have booked holidays Coronavirus – live updates As the coronavirus continues to spread around the world, with Italy trying to contain what is now the worst outbreak in Europe, many people with overseas trips booked are becoming increasingly concerned. Some will be... go to Article >

Goldbelly lets you send food gifts from iconic restaurants around the country — here's how it works

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 Summary List Placement It's unusual to be able to enjoy regional delicacies if you're not a local, but Goldbelly is quickly becoming the middleman between you and famous foods from the rest of the country. You can order gourmet food gifts from... read more

Rollerblading the length of one of the world’s smallest countries to avoid quarantine, passing mountains and fairytale castles along the way

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Bam! I’d fallen over for the second time wheeling down a small hill and I was starting to think maybe skating the length of Liechtenstein wasn’t the wisest of ideas as I surveyed my legs for damage and was relieved to find none.  But,... read more

I'm An NHS Doctor. What I've Seen In The Second Wave Would Shock You

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It’s difficult to pinpoint precisely where it’s all gone wrong. Recent weeks have seen a rapid spread of Covid-19 cases throughout the UK, with increasing pressure on NHS services. I’m one of a number of frontline NHS doctors currently... read more

Further changes to Metro services expected

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Further changes to Metro services expected Thu, 19/03/2020 heathcotej Thu, 19/03/2020 Metro services are currently operating to a reduced timetable as part of measures to reduce the spread of Coronavirus and... read more

Retired NHS Medics Who Returned To Covid Frontlines Issue Stark Warning About Second Wave

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Former NHS staff who came out of retirement to join the frontline to fight coronavirus have warned that hospitals could face an entirely different staffing crisis in the looming second wave.  At the height of the pandemic in Spring, medics... read more

Can I travel to Italy? Latest advice on coronavirus tests and quarantine

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A negative Covid-19 test result is now required to visit Italy if you are travelling from the UK, but how can you get tested privately and can you get a refund for your holiday if you test positive? read more

Important cancellation policies and dates for 2020 holiday travel: Marriott, Airbnb, Hilton, and more

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 Summary List Placement Despite the pandemic, many will likely consider holiday travel this year to visit family and take deferred vacations after months of isolation. Cheap fares, hotel rates, and packages are also aiming to lure those who... read more

Choosing a Holiday Destination in the Age of Coronavirus

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Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash {This is a collaborative post} We all recognise that times have changed over the last six months and it now seems... read more

Is it safe to travel for the holidays? Here's what doctors, a microbiologist, and a travel pro told us.

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 Summary List Placement This year, the holiday travel period overlaps with a possible second wave of COVID-19, as well as cold and flu season. Many will be left wondering: is it safe to travel for the holidays? Or perhaps more importantly,... read more

UK coronavirus live: Sturgeon warns going 'soft' a mistake as she says Scotland won't ignore scientific advice

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Latest updates: minister says Covid restrictions require ‘difficult judgment’ of protecting lives while prioritising education and jobs Ministers ignored Sage advice to impose lockdown Tempers flare over new rules Redundancies rise at record... read more