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Jill Biden suggests President Trump is scared of Joe Biden

'Donald Trump looks at Joe and says, 'Oh, my God, like, there is my competition. What can I think of to distract people?' Jill Biden said Sunday. go to Article >

Trump may have bombed Yemen more than all previous US presidents combined, new report finds

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Summary List Placement Within days of taking office, President Donald Trump, who had campaigned on killing the families of alleged terrorists — and essentially doing the opposite of whatever President Barack Obama had done — ordered US... read more

Joe Biden looks like a safe pair of hands for the US economy | Jeffrey Frankel

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Contrary to popular belief, Democratic presidents have been better for the economy than Republicans In a few days, Americans will choose a president. Opinion polling suggests that voters favour former Vice-President Joe Biden when it comes to... read more

Boris Johnson's Conservatives are abandoning Trump in anticipation of a Biden victory

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Summary List Placement With less than two weeks until the election, one of President Donald Trump's closest allies is preparing for him to be booted out of office. Boris Johnson has enjoyed a strong working relationship with Trump since... read more

Kayleigh McEnany Once Hailed Biden as a ‘Funny,’ ‘Likable,’ ‘Man of the People’ vs ‘Tycoon’ Trump (Audio)

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White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany wasn’t always an unrelenting critic of Joe Biden. In a 2015 interview, she said the then-vice president was “a man of the people and resonating with middle-class voters.” Years before becoming a Donald... read more

US election: why the price of soybeans could swing the Senate for the Democrats

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Description  Joni Ernst is facing a close race as she seeks to defend her seat in the US Senate Credits  Stefani Reynolds/Getty Alt Text  Senator Joni Ernst... read more

Electoral strength from key minority groups keeps Trump competitive in Florida in the campaign's final stretch

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Summary List Placement For years, Florida has been the most tantalizing presidential swing state for Democrats and Republicans. According to The New York Times, approximately 950 people move to Florida every day, fueling the state's population... read more

US troops favor Biden for president, but Trump has a big lead among veterans, polls show

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Summary List Placement Active-duty military personnel prefer Democratic nominee Joe Biden for president, but incumbent President Donald Trump has the edge with veterans, Military Times polls show. A survey of 1,018 active-duty troops conducted... read more

The US has little to show for 2 decades of war in Afghanistan — not even a mention at the presidential debates

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Summary List Placement As the second and final debate between President Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden wound down last night, I found myself triple-checking the clock. Wasn't there supposed to be a section on national security? I asked... read more

Tucker Carlson: ‘There’s Nothing Trump Says That Doesn’t Frighten People’ (Video)

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Tucker Carlson may not, in legal terms, be a credible source of news, but even so he rarely misses an opportunity to try to own the libs. And he raced out of the gate on his show Friday night with a rant about Thursday’s presidential debate... read more

Where Biden and Trump stand in the polls 7 days out from the election

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Summary List Placement Trying to keep up with the polls in the 2020 election can be a headache.  The 2016 election brought a lot of scrutiny on polling and raised skepticism among both the public and politicians because of Donald Trump's... read more