Angela Rayner Accused Of Calling Tory MP 'Scum' In Commons

2 Days ago News Source:

Labour deputy leader Angela Rayner has been accused of calling a Tory MP “scum” during a Commons debate on Covid-19 restrictions for Greater Manchester. Chris Clarkson, who represents Heywood and Middleton, had said Labour was guiltily of... read more

Align digital technologies and green policy to deliver net zero, government urged

3 Days ago Finance Source:

Although crucial to net zero, uptake of digital technologies is being hamstrung by policy shortfalls, underinvestment, and skills shortages, Green Alliance warns The government must leverage the power of digital... read more

Kate Green’s ‘Good Crisis’ Apology Meltdown

25 Days ago Politics Source:

Labour’s Kate Green faced a car crash interview this morning at the hands of Piers Morgan, being completely unable to explain why it took her five days to apologise for saying “I think we should use the opportunity, don’t let a good crisis go to... read more

Labour MP apologises for telling activists not to ‘let a good crisis go to waste’

25 Days ago News Source:

Shadow education secretary Kate Green said she is ‘ashamed’ that people feel she was trying to make ‘political capital’ out of the coronavirus pandemic. read more

Kate Garraway Blasts Donald Trump After 'Heartbreaking' New Comments About Coronavirus

17 Days ago Other Source:

Kate Garraway has given an impassioned response following US president Donald Trump’s latest comments about the coronavirus crisis. During Tuesday’s edition of Good Morning Britain, the team discussed Trump’s remarks about the pandemic, which... read more

Boris Johnson teases 'big bet' for UK on wind, hydrogen and CCS

28 Days ago Finance Source:

PM touts 'green industrial revolution' as fix for climate and Covid crises as he urges countries to step up climate efforts Boris Johnson has signalled he is keen for the UK to make a "big bet" on wind power, hydrogen and... read more

Pound slides as UK economy shrinks in November – as it happened

69 Days ago Travel Source:

Rolling coverage of the latest economic and financial news, as UK slowdown persists and airline Flybe seeks help Latest: UK GDP shrank by 0.3% in November GDP up 0.1% in Sept-Nov: weakest since 2012 Pound has fallen to $1.297, lowest in 2020... read more

Free trade, free speech, environmental free-for-all?

46 Days ago Finance Source:

From XR protests and trade board appointments to Brexit brinkmanship and transport funding, the government's triangulation on green issues points to a high stakes autumn The new season of British politics returned with a... read more

How The UK’s Broken Asylum System Fails Channel Migrants And Creates Public Backlash

54 Days ago News Source:

“I was reading about the Windrush generation and tears came into my eyes, because when you know the truth, and you see it happening to someone else, you get really upset, really emotional,” says Nas, who fled Afghanistan for the UK aged 13 after... read more

Boris Johnson Could Use Covid-19 Crisis To Force 'Shock Doctrine' US Trade Deal, Warn MPs

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Coronavirus has changed everything. Make sense of it all with the Waugh Zone, our evening politics briefing. Sign up now. Boris Johnson’s government may “exploit” the Covid-19 economic crisis to force a “shock doctrine” US trade deal that... read more