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Labour calls for halt to students going to university

Opposition demands an ‘effective’ testing system following outbreaks on campuses go to Article >

Retired NHS Medics Who Returned To Covid Frontlines Issue Stark Warning About Second Wave

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Former NHS staff who came out of retirement to join the frontline to fight coronavirus have warned that hospitals could face an entirely different staffing crisis in the looming second wave.  At the height of the pandemic in Spring, medics... read more

Ten Things You Need to Know Today: Sunday 25 Oct 2020

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Elderly were denied intensive care during Covid peak Over-80s were denied intensive care treatment at the peak of the Covid-19 crisis, according to The Sunday Times. The paper says new guidelines... read more

The Tier System Is Doomed To Fail – But There Is A Way Out

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This was the week when things fell apart. Rumblings of discontent about the government’s handling of the pandemic turned into open revolt as the Northern mayors – particularly Andy Burnham of Manchester – stood up and refused to accept proposals... read more

How Japan, the home of Sony and Nintendo, fell behind Silicon Valley on software — and how founders and investors plan to catch up

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Summary List Placement Tech giants in the West used to look up to Sony. In its heyday, the company was arguably Japan's most famous technology brand, known for its cutting-edge design and cool image. Apple cofounder Steve Jobs took inspiration... read more

Government Refuses To Rule Out Fourth Tier Of Covid Restrictions

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Health secretary Matt Hancock has refused to rule out the possibility of a new fourth tier of restrictions. It comes after reports that Whitehall is in discussion with local authorities about imposing a further layer of coronavirus restrictions... read more

An Oregon town's daunting challenge: How to rebuild when wildfires left almost nothing behind

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DETROIT, Ore. – Many people grow emotionally attached to their houses. Most don’t feel the kind of bond that... read more

'Living Here Is Like Hell': How People In Manchester Feel About Reduced Furlough Wages

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In late July, only weeks after the first coronavirus lockdown was lifted, Manchester was thrust straight back into a local lockdown where it has remained for the last three months. As university students returned to cities and punters were... read more

Labour calls for Government to halt university autumn term amid dozens of outbreaks

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Labour has called on the Government to halt the return of students to universities until an "effective, efficient" testing system is in place amid a "critical situation" with dozens of outbreaks. read more

Labour call for degree courses to be put back

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Labour's shadow education secretary Kate Green last night called on ministers to stop students from returning to university until the chaotic testing system could meet soaring demand. read more

Coronavirus: Labour calls for government to delay university term as thousands of students caught up in lockdowns

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Mass on-campus testing and remote learning needed, shadow education secretary says as students complaing of ‘false imprisonment’ in halls  read more