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Magic Johnson on partnering with Amazon to support small businesses during a pandemic, and the 'sensational' execution of the NBA bubble

Summary List Placement Adding to his history of entrepreneurial and philanthropic work, Earvin "Magic" Johnson partnered with Amazon earlier this month in promotion of the online retail giant's new small business initiative, "Amazon Small Business."  Johnson, the NBA Hall of Famer and founder and CEO of Magic Johnson Enterprises,... go to Article >

Kevin Durant on holding a 'Young CEO' virtual conference for aspiring entrepreneurs and his partnership with Degree Deodorant

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Summary List PlacementMaking the most of a pandemic offseason, Brooklyn Nets forward Kevin Durant has stayed active on several professional and philanthropic fronts outside of his return to basketball. On October 27, Durant's Thirty Five... read more

Meet the 16 Microsoft executives who report directly to CEO Satya Nadella and help guide the trillion-dollar firm's strategy for success (MSFT)

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Summary List Placement Satya Nadella is often credited with leading a grand reinvention of Microsoft into one of the most valuable companies in the world. Microsoft's market capitalization was around $300 billion at the time Nadella took over... read more

Magic Johnson on partnering with Amazon to support small businesses during a pandemic, and the 'sensational' execution of the NBA bubble

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Magic Johnson spoke to Business Insider about partnering with Amazon on an initiative to support small businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. read more

VCs say these 19 e-commerce startups are thriving during the coronavirus pandemic as online shopping takes off

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Summary List Placement More people are shopping online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The lockdown-driven spending is expected to accelerate e-commerce growth in the US by at least two years, supercharging not just large online retailers but... read more

UK coronavirus live: Sturgeon warns going 'soft' a mistake as she says Scotland won't ignore scientific advice

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Latest updates: minister says Covid restrictions require ‘difficult judgment’ of protecting lives while prioritising education and jobs Ministers ignored Sage advice to impose lockdown Tempers flare over new rules Redundancies rise at record... read more

Innovation Inc: How Walgreens, IBM, PepsiCo, and others are embracing digital

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Summary List Placement Underneath all the tragedy of the coronavirus pandemic is a massive digitization effort within nearly every industry across corporate America that promises to change how we shop, get healthcare, or even find our next... read more

The inside story of how $3 billion Brex went from raising $150 million to slashing staff in just 10 days. Here are the execs who are out, and...

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On May 29, Brex, a 3-year-old fintech that skyrocketed to a $3 billion valuation, laid off 62 employees, or about 17% of its staff. It had announced a $150 million fundraise less than two weeks prior. Among those cut was Paul-Henri Ferrand,... read more

Meet the 31 executives leading Omnicom, the world's most valuable advertising network, during a global pandemic and recession

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Omnicom, the second-largest advertising holding company by annual revenue, has become the most valuable business in a turbulent industry by share price and market cap. Under John Wren, the company's recent financial performance surpassed... read more

22 fintechs that VCs and big investors say are on the brink of becoming household names

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We asked some of the top fintech investors to recommend up-and-coming fintechs going direct to the consumer. Investors could nominate their own portfolio companies, as well as fintechs they haven't backed, with the caveat nominees couldn't... read more