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Mercy on Every Side: Calvin’s Misunderstood Doctrine of Election

ABSTRACT: John Calvin’s doctrine of election, though well known, is not well understood. Many assume they know what Calvin means by the doctrine without listening carefully to his treatment of it in his Institutes of the Christian Religion. Calvin’s aim was not simply to explain the meaning of Christian doctrines, but to provide an... go to Article >

All Reality Flows from the Trinity: What We Still and Will Believe

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I believe in God, the Father almighty, creator of heaven and earth. (Apostles’ Creed) According to the Christian confession, there is one God, the Lord, the one declaring his name “I am,” “the first and the last,” “the living God,”... read more

The Merciful Mystery of Unconditional Election

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Election is a topic currently absorbing the attention of Americans (and a watching world), given the significant political event about to take place in the United States. In our democratic republic, qualified citizens cast free and secret ballots... read more

The Reformed Home: Learning from Family Worship in Protestant England

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ABSTRACT: The English Reformation of the sixteenth century not only brought about a reformation of doctrine, but it also promoted a reformation of family piety. The making of godly households happened primarily through printed prayerbooks and... read more

Mastered by Matchless Love: The Sweet Experience of Irresistible Grace

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Since the day I became a Christian as a 14-year-old boy, I have never had any reason to doubt the truth to which the expression “irresistible grace” points. I had read the Bible daily from age 9 to age 14, and if one thing was clear to me, it was... read more

He Died to Have Her: The Stubborn Love of Definite Atonement

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What happened for you at the cross? Jesus died for my sins, many might rush to say (and rightly so). However easily those five simple and beautiful words come, though, they are often misunderstood and unexplored. Who was Jesus, and what had... read more

How Does TULIP Make You Feel? A Missing Thread in Reformed Theology

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Less mature Christians may grimace at the so-called “doctrines of grace” like children frown at sushi. They do so, however, only because they haven’t yet come to know its deeper joys. The mature grow into a rigor and depth and seriousness about... read more

Worse Than We Think: What Total Depravity Is (and Is Not)

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The doctrine of total depravity is widely misunderstood. It is almost as important to know what it does not mean as what it affirms. Moreover, we will not grasp its full import unless we see it in a wider context. In the phrase total... read more