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Michelle Obama Managing 'Low-Grade Depression' In Wake Of George Floyd's Death

We’re here to guide you through the coronavirus pandemic. Sign up to the Life newsletter for daily tips, advice, how-tos and escapism. Michelle Obama has spoken about experiencing “low-grade depression” during the pandemic, saying it’s “exhausting” to continually see Black Americans “dehumanised” in the news.  Speaking on The... go to Article >

Inside Ray McGuire’s decision to jump from Citigroup to running for New York City mayor, and the biggest challenges he’ll face in trying to win the...

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Summary List Placement When Citigroup announced in September 2018 that it was shaking up its investment banking operations, the personnel moves brought an end to Raymond McGuire's 13-year run managing the bank's merger advisory business. The... read more

Michelle Obama Admits Her Marriage To Barack Hasn't Always Been Smooth Sailing

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Michelle and Barack Obama might be most people’s definition of couple goals, but that doesn’t mean the two haven’t faced challenges in their nearly 30 years of marriage.  The former first lady sat down with late night host and comedian Conan... read more

Watch the highlights from all 4 nights of the unprecedented 2020 Democratic National Convention

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The Democratic National Convention took an unprecedented virtual approach to the political event amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Former Vice President Joe Biden formally accepted the Democratic party's nomination for president on the... read more

After George Floyd, the Nation Says: Enough of Black Persecution Already

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As the storm clouds of national anger began to gather late last week my youngest son — the one who is totally apolitical, who has never shown the slightest interest in current affairs or activism — sent the family a text. “I’m quite disturbed by... read more

Jennifer Garner 'Still Not Having More Babies' After Fans Think She Announced Pregnancy

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Count Jennifer Garner out of the celebrity baby boom.  While everyone from Hilary Duff and Katharine McPhee to Kelly Rowland and Mandy Moore have announced in the past few weeks that they’re expecting, the Alias alum has no designs on joining... read more

Kumail Nanjiani's Coronavirus Despair Hits 'Hopeless And Helpless' Abyss

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  Kumail Nanjiani had some sad feelings to share on Twitter about the still-surging coronavirus pandemic on Sunday ― and he let them rip in a fit of despair that is all too relatable. “I’m sorry,” he began. “I’m generally a very optimistic... read more

3 Spooky Bakes To Make With Kids That Are – Shhh! – Healthy

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Half-term is upon us, which means your kids will tell you they’re bored approximately 27 times a day – and ask you what else there is to do.  So, seeing as Halloween is around the corner (and trick or treating is basically off the cards this... read more

30 Of The Funniest Tweets About Cats And Dogs This Week

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Woof — it’s been a long week. If you feel like you’ve been working like a dog — or like the cat-astrophic news cycle is making you want to claw up your furniture — let us offer you the internet equivalent of a big pile of catnip: hilarious... read more

Black History Doesn't Have To Just Be About Black Trauma

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I’ve always been proud of my Blackness and keen to learn about it, but every year I’m left feeling unsettled when Black History Month comes around. Undoubtedly the month is important – it’s an opportunity to learn about our past triumphs, but I... read more

Retired NHS Medics Who Returned To Covid Frontlines Issue Stark Warning About Second Wave

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Former NHS staff who came out of retirement to join the frontline to fight coronavirus have warned that hospitals could face an entirely different staffing crisis in the looming second wave.  At the height of the pandemic in Spring, medics... read more

Adele's Opening Monologue On Saturday Night Live Was Everything We Love About Adele

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Adele was on top form as she stepped back into the spotlight on Saturday Night Live – and boy, have we missed her.  The singer could not have been any more Adele as she opened the US sketch show with a monologue on Saturday night.  In it, she... read more