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More than 50,000 Spanish flags placed in Madrid to honour COVID-19 victims

More than 50,000 flags of Spain were placed in a park in Madrid to pay tribute to the victims of COVID-19. go to Article >

14 hotels across the US that offer standalone cottages, villas, cabins, and bungalows for a socially distant stay

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  As Americans seek safer travel, hotels with enclosed, shared common spaces are likely to be avoided in favor of socially distant lodging. But some hotels make it easy to maintain distance with standalone accommodations similar to a vacation... read more

Hemophilia and Queen Victoria

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"Our poor family seems to be persecuted by this awful disease, the worst I know." These are the words of Queen Victoria (1819-1901) who was referring to the hereditary disease hemophilia that affected – during her lifetime – her youngest son,... read more

Angela Merkel is reportedly considering a nationwide 'lockdown light' in Germany

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The German Chancellor will push for the strict new measures in a meeting with regional leaders on Wednesday, Bild newspaper reported read more

The influence of protests and armed groups on the US election campaign

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Some commentators believe the violent activities of armed miltia groups is influencing the US election campaign. There have been a series of incidents connected with these groups, despite their lack of a connection to actual law enforcement. read more

Will Belarus' political crisis kill off its booming IT sector?

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Belarus' IT sector is one of the nation's few economic success stories. But will the country's ongoing political turmoil put a nail in its coffin? read more

US election: What do the opinion polls say about the presidential race?

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The US presidential election is sure to be a close race, but what do the polls say about who's ahead? read more

Frozen water discovered in more places on Moon, scientists confirm

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The discovery of reserves of ice water on the Moon could mean future lunar bases will be able to access drinking water. read more

Europe's Muslims being treated like Jews before WWII, says Erdogan

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Turkey's president calls for a boycott of French products in a growing row over Emmanuel Macron's remarks about Islam read more

German public health institute targeted by arson attack as tensions rise over COVID-19 restrictions

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A building of the agency for disease control, the Robert Koch Institute in Berlin, was attacked with Molotov cocktails this weekend. read more

Imran Khan: Pakistan's prime minister asks Facebook to ban Islamophobic content

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Pakistan's prime minister, Imran Khan, has asked Facebook to ban Islamophobic content, as tensions deepen between the presidents of France and Turkey. read more

Belarus: Opposition says general strike underway as Lukashenko ignores call to resign

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Hundreds of students have gathered outside universities in the capital Minsk clapping and chanting slogans. read more