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Muck And The Mires: Take Me Back To Planet Earth – EP review

MUCK AND THE MIRES TAKE ME BACK TO PLANET EARTH Rum Bar Records LP | CD | DL Out now!   Boston’s garage rock ambassadors, Muck And The Mires, return once again with a new EP that takes its cues from the current global sitation and the desire to return to what we once knew. […] The post Muck And The Mires: Take Me Back To Planet Earth... go to Article >

The best places to buy fall boots for men

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Summary List Placement Each year, the dizzying lineup of fall boots grows ever larger, making the decision of decking out your feet just that much more difficult. The best fall boots are subjective to the wearer, but some of our favorite pairs... read more

The top 30 audiobooks on Audible right now, from the Obamas' memoirs to the newest installment of the Twilight series

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 Summary List Placement Audible has hundreds of thousands of titles to choose between. Below, we've compiled its 30 best selling books among Audible users right now. The list ranges from the Obamas' memoirs and a collection of Greek myths to... read more

Watch this! Muck And The Mires New Video + EP news

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Muck And The Mires are back! Again! It’s been two years since we reviewed their Muckus Maximus EP. The current global pandemic has already seen the band inspired to release another, Quarentine-Age Kicks, and now, again, the Boston quartet have... read more

The Tesla Model X and the Porsche Cayenne are both incredible — but only one of these luxury SUV rivals has the edge (TSLA)

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I've driven both the Tesla Model X and the Porsche Cayenne on numerous occasions.  The Porsche Cayennes have ranged in price from $86,000 to $136,000, in several trim levels and with both V6 and V8 engine options.  The Tesla Model Xs were... read more

I've driven dozens of high-performance cars over the past 6 years, but some really stand out. These are the best combinations of speed and design.

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Over the past six years, I've driven dozens of high-performance cars that also embody great design. Not every car on this list is staggeringly powerful — and not every car is even a car — and some aren't exactly jaw-dropping in their beauty.... read more

Janji makes running and workout clothes that support clean water initiatives around the world — here's what they're like to wear

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  Janji is a Boston-based running apparel brand with a mission: working to bring awareness and provide aid to communities that lack access to clean water. Its men's and women's collections are inspired by the cultures, textiles, and colors... read more