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No, 90% Of Coronavirus Tests Are Not 'False Positives' And This Is Why

What at first seems like an incredibly alarming statistic has been circulating on social media, promoted by a small and vocal group of journalists – at least 91% of coronavirus tests in the UK are “false positives”. If true, the implications would be staggering – the actual scale of the pandemic in the UK is less than a tenth of... go to Article >

The US has entered its 3rd — and possibly largest — wave of coronavirus cases yet. Experts say states should 'pull back.'

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Summary List PlacementSeventeen US states have reported more new coronavirus cases in the last week than in any week prior. The country's seven-day average of new cases has risen around 25% since October 1, with the number of new cases climbing... read more

Here's what Elon Musk, Richard Branson, Jack Dorsey, and 50 other top executives ask job candidates during interviews

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Summary List Placement Many of the most successful people have gotten job interviews down to a science — and they're not in the habit of wasting time with dumb or irrelevant queries. In fact, they often have one favorite go-to question they... read more

Goldman Sachs's Joe Duran is planning to hire dozens of advisors for the firm's wealth business, and says it's getting a boost from companies...

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Summary List Placement To anyone who doubted if Goldman Sachs would continue aggressively growing the wealth management platform it bought last year for $750 million, the leader of the business has a definitive answer.  "I think we're in the... read more

False alarm: How Apple OS glitch is causing worry and confusion for COVID app users in Canada

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Every night, before he goes to sleep, Steve Hambleton puts his iPhone on airplane mode. He has three young kids and a job working with seniors who have developmental disabilities. All of... read more

Test And Trace Hits Another New Low With Worst Ever Contact Tracing Rate

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Boris Johnson’s test-and-trace service faces fresh criticism after it reported its worst ever figures for tracking down “close contacts” of people with Covid. The controversial system hit a new low with just 62.6% of cases in England being... read more

Meet the 11 companies racing to make coronavirus tests that cost as little as $5 and deliver results in under 15 minutes

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Summary List Placement Since the pandemic first hit, the US has struggled to ramp up enough testing for the novel coronavirus.   In the months since, companies have been racing to get testing to be cheap, available, and accessible enough to... read more

Melania Trump fires back at former aide who released tell-all book and secret recordings, saying the move was 'an attempt to be relevant'

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Summary List Placement First Lady Melania Trump has publicly spoke out for the first time since former aide and ex-friend Stephanie Winston Wolkoff wrote a tell-all book about their relationship, saying the move was "an attempt to be... read more

What to know about the latest setbacks in the hunt for COVID-19 vaccines and treatment

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Summary List Placement Hello, Amid the busy news cycle, I hope you're all having a chance to take in a few fall moments. My fall moments this week included baking my first pumpkin bread of the season, and making butternut squash soup for the... read more

BT Pension Scheme: Safeguarding our portfolios and the planet from climate change

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Morten Nilsson explains why the BTPS is aiming to be net zero on carbon emissions by 2035, and how it plans to get there At the end of September, the BT Pension Scheme (BTPS) set an ambitious 2035 net-zero goal for our... read more

The 15 best private high schools in America for 2021, where class sizes are small and test scores are high

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Summary List Placement For many affluent families, the allure of sending their children to private school has never been stronger. While some private schools have closed permanently since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, others —... read more