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Opinion: Anti-Racism Protests Are Not Fantasy Television

When Dominic Raab said kneeling in solidarity with Black Lives Matter was “demeaning” or something “out of Game of Thrones” it felt like a slap in the face for many Black people. While farcical for some, it was also jarring for many - because it is a manifestation of the ambivalence to the anti-racism movements among the highest... go to Article >

Instant Opinion: Mike Pence’s debate performance ‘bugged me out’

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Description  Your guide to the best columns and commentary on Thursday 8 October Credits  Getty Images Alt Text  Vice president Mike Pence Your guide... read more

The "Fresh Prince" Drama Reboot Is Everything Right About How Our Culture Is Changing

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The original six seasons of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air were consistently some of the best TV a '90s sitcom was capable of producing. They were mostly silly fun—Will Smith making goofy faces and teasing Uncle Phil, Geoffrey making snarky comments,... read more

Boris Johnson Says Swing Low, Sweet Chariot Should Not Be Banned

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Rugby fans should not be banned from singing Swing Low, Sweet Chariot, Boris Johnson has said. The Rugby Football Union (RFU) has announced a review into the use of its anthem because it is “sung by many who have no awareness of its origins or... read more

Windrush Day: Victims Still Battling For Compensation Slam Government Scheme

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Windrush victims still waiting for compensation have accused the government of creating a “re-traumatising” and “difficult” process. The Windrush Compensation Scheme was set up in April 2019 to ensure people who had lost access to their jobs... read more

What Not To Say To Your Black Colleagues Right Now

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Nationwide demonstrations have been taking place across the US this past week to protest the injustice of yet another Black person killed by police. George Floyd died after three Minneapolis police officers pinned him down, with one of them... read more

Britain's Race Problem Rivals America's. It's Just Less Visible

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Judging by the tone of some politicians and media pundits, you’d be excused for thinking the UK is an oasis of racial harmony, and that racism is an all-American export. The sad fact is that Britain is often just as racist as America. We just... read more