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Razer launches the modular Tomahawk gaming PC

For reasons well known, pre-built PCs with latest-gen hardware have started to become increasingly appealing as of late. We recently saw Corsair offering the latest and greatest from AMD/Intel and Nvidia with the a7200 series, and now Razer has launched the compact Tomahawk gaming PC. go to Article >

The biggest tech show of the year usually provides a glimpse into the future. But CES 2021 was all about the past year of pandemic life.

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Summary List PlacementThe most exciting part of the annual CES tech show, which typically takes place in Las Vegas but was virtual for the first time in 2021, is always the extravagant, forward-looking technology concepts. Whether it's flying... read more

Razer Tomahawk modular mini gaming PC listed for $2400 and up

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Gaming hardware maker Razer has been dabbling with the idea of a modular desktop computer since at least 2014, when the company showed off its Project Christine concept at that year’s Consumer Electronics Show. Six years later, during CES 2020,... read more

Modular Desktop-Friendly PCs - The Razer Tomahawk Gaming PC is Now Available for Gamers (

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( The Razer Tomahawk gaming PC has been released by the company to offer pro-level gamers alike with a way to enjoy robust performance and more in a compact form factor piece of hardware. The system... read more

Razer Tomahawk compact gaming PC launches from $2,400

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Gaming hardware and peripheral manufacturer Razer, has launched a new powerful small form factor gaming PC offering a modular design and support for full-size graphics cards and upgrades thanks to its “tool-less sled system”. The powerful... read more

Razer Tomahawk modular gaming PC launches in the US for $2,400

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Razer's compact modular gaming PC, called the Tomahawk, debuted at CES earlier this year for gamers who want to experience building their own computers. read more

Razer's First Modular PC, The Tomahawk: A Fully Custom NUC 9 Extreme

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Razer, a company that styles itself as 'by gamers, for gamers', has today unveiled its latest product, a modular NUC dubbed the Tomahawk. Available as both a barebones package and a high-tier gaming solution, the Razer Tomahawk looks to offer a... read more

Razer's Tomahawk modular gaming PC, almost a year after launch, enters preorder - CNET

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One of the darlings of CES 2020, the company's cleverly designed compact desktop is almost ready to go. read more

Razer Hammerhead True Wireless Pro earbuds $200

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Joining the launch of their new powerful Tomahawk compact small form factor gaming PC today, Razer has also made available there newly redesigned Hammerhead True Wireless Pro earbuds priced at $200. The THX Certified true wireless earbuds... read more