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SoftBank-backed companies laid off more than 16,800 people in 2020 as the pandemic ravages startups

Summary List Placement SoftBank-backed companies are laying off thousands of employees globally as they struggle to find paths to profitability. In the first full week of 2020, four companies – Oyo, Rappi, Getaround, and Zume – laid off a combined 2,600 employees.  In the last year, other SoftBank-backed companies including... go to Article >

6 bootcamps that cost little to nothing upfront, teach students crucial tech skills, and help them land roles at Google and Spotify

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Summary List PlacementSoftware developers typically bring in a solid six figures, with the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BOL) reporting that their median annual income in 2019 was nearly $108,000. Similar earning potential exists for roles in... read more

UK raises 2030 climate target: The green economy reacts

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Green business groups and campaigners welcome higher 2030 emissions reduction goal, but call for ambitious policy and funding to put the UK on a net zero pathway as soon as possible The UK will soon have one of the most... read more

Growing pressure on employers to retrain their workforces presents a golden opportunity for entrepreneurs to break into the $76.4 billion edtech...

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Summary List Placement The workforce education technology space is shimmering with opportunity. Training employees on new job skills is hardly a novel concept — but the pandemic era has created new urgency around it, for three reasons in... read more

Inside Wall Street's war on WhatsApp: Why traders just won't quit messaging apps, even as heads roll

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Summary List Placement The start of a typical workday for Raymond St. John is a lesson in the appeal of messaging apps. St. John is the founder and CEO of Rain Unlimited Global, a boutique private-equity firm based in New York City that... read more

Airbnb just filed for its IPO, and it named the ongoing pandemic and steadily declining revenue growth in a lengthy list of risk factors

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Summary List Placement After over 12 years in business, Airbnb is finally going public. The home-rental company filed a form S-1 for its IPO with the Securities and Exchange Commission on Monday afternoon. That included disclosing a trove of... read more

DoorDash salaries revealed: From $106,000 to $275,000, here's how much the $16 billion food delivery company pays its full-time employees

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Summary List Placement DoorDash on Friday released its filing to go public, which revealed a boom in business and shrinking losses during the coronavirus pandemic, as more people confined to their homes order-in restaurant food. And while... read more

The CEO of Disco, a legal tech that sells cloud-based discovery software, walked us through a 20-page pitch deck the startup used to nab $60 million

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Summary List Placement Cloud-based technology is having its moment, especially in the legal industry. As attorneys have been propelled to work remotely amid the pandemic, data security and streamlined work processes are top-of-mind for law... read more

The rise of Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky, who got his start renting out air mattresses on his floor and is now headed toward a highly anticipated IPO

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Summary List PlacementBrian Chesky didn't know much about tech before starting Airbnb. The now 39-year-old CEO majored in industrial design in college, and dabbled in hockey and bodybuilding in his 20s. But now, he's grown an idea that stemmed... read more

What is an angel investor? Who they are, what they do, and how they help startups grow

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Summary List PlacementNew companies need money to get off the ground, of course. But where to find it? Banks tend to shy away from infant enterprises. And despite all the ink spilled about venture capital funding, just .05% of new businesses... read more

These are 9 hot startups that will influence the future of travel and logistics after COVID-19, according to Europe's Target Global

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Summary List Placement The COVID-19 pandemic has sent shock waves through the mobility sector. In the months after national lockdowns were announced, use of public transport in the US fell by more than 70%, per data from Apple Maps. Countries... read more