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Study: Network model for implicit measures of attitudes

Our attitudes are composed of an interacting constellation of feelings, beliefs, and behaviors, and these elements can be in conflict with each other. For instance, a person might believe in principles like justice and equality while simultaneously harboring negative feelings toward a minority group. go to Article >

Is it time for a tougher tax on SUV gas-guzzlers?

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New UK Energy Research Centre report argues 2030 ban on new internal combustion engine cars needs to be supported by bolder policy measures throughout the 2020s They are the three little letters that present the biggest... read more

The 8 most important features of Apple's new iPhone 12 lineup, from 5G to new designs (AAPL)

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Summary List Placement Apple finally took the wraps off its iPhone 12 lineup on Tuesday, revealing four new smartphones that come with a slew of updates ranging from new designs to improved camera quality. The biggest update, however, is the... read more

Here are the 20 economics, self-help, and strategy books C-suite execs are reading to get their firms through a black swan summer

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The COVID-19 pandemic has forced firms around the world to shut down their offices and their employees to work from home – with many wondering what the future holds.  Perlego – the "Spotify for textbooks" – analyzed data from more than 600 of... read more

Why Lockdown Hit Female-Owned Businesses The Hardest

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Just five weeks into their brand new business, Natalie Hartley and Pia McKenary found themselves having to completely overhaul their entire model. Coronavirus and the national lockdown had meant their sparkling new refill shop and cafe would... read more

'Babysitters' provide boost to offspring of elderly birds

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Young Seychelles warblers fare better if their elderly parents have help raising them, according to new research from the University of East Anglia (UEA) and the University of Groningen. read more

Lasers and molecular tethers create perfectly patterned platforms for tissue engineering

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Imagine going to a surgeon to have a diseased or injured organ switched out for a fully functional, laboratory-grown replacement. This remains science fiction and not reality because researchers today struggle to organize cells into the complex... read more

Latch, load and release: Elastic motion makes click beetles click, study finds

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Click beetles can propel themselves more than 20 body lengths into the air, and they do so without using their legs. While the jump's motion has been studied in depth, the physical mechanisms that enable the beetles' signature clicking maneuver... read more

Researchers find how cells move while avoiding adhesion

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Cell velocity, or how fast a cell moves, is known to depend on how sticky the surface is beneath it, but the precise mechanisms of this relationship have remained elusive for decades. Now, researchers from the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular... read more

New mathematical model: How dangerous bacteria form colonies

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It can be observed every time you take a shower: Small droplets of water join together to form larger and larger drops—until they are so heavy that they run down the wall. Scientists call this daily-life phenomenon coalescence—which surprisingly... read more

Female resident orcas especially disturbed by vessels, new research shows

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Female orcas are most thrown off from foraging when boats and vessels intrude closer than 400 yards, according to new research—troubling findings for the endangered population of southern resident orcas that desperately needs every mother and calf... read more

US approves copper mine land swap on Native American land

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The U.S. government published a report Friday that triggers a land swap involving U.S. Native American land for an area that could become the largest copper mine in North America, pushing the project into the next phase in the permitting process. read more