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Supermarket checkout habit we all do that's actually illegal

Many people are unaware the common habit is illegal go to Article >

Here’s What The 2020 Christmas Ads Will Look Like

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Excitable Edgar breathed his fiery breath over a crowded John Lewis dinner party, while Aldi’s Kevin the Carrot sang his heart out to Robbie Williams...  the Christmas ads that delighted us in 2019 wouldn’t fare so well in 2020 – a year in which... read more

When do “individual errors” become the individual's error?

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Photo by Darren Walsh/Chelsea FC via Getty Images Can Lampard fix the defense? “Individual errors” is an excuse we’ve heard a fair few times in recent years, most notably during the Andre Villas-Boas mini-era, but it’s making a comeback... read more

Instant Opinion: Brexit Britain can be built on the ‘Microsoft model’

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Description  Your guide to the best columns and commentary on Tuesday 20 October Credits  Ben Stansall/AFP/Getty Images Alt Text  Prime Minister Boris Johnson... read more

8 Ways The Government Has Slashed Its Own Environmental Promises

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“Bounce back greener”, the “green recovery”, a government that will “lead that green industrial revolution”.  Boris Johnson’s verdant rhetoric in recent weeks – particularly in the wake of Covid-19 – certainly paints a picture of better days to... read more

A short history of Justin Trudeau's scandal-plagued Liberal government

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The Liberal government under Justin Trudeau has had its share — maybe more than its share — of scandal and... read more

Indoor Venue Hit With £10k Fine For Pretending To Be Outdoor Venue

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A Birmingham venue has been slapped with a £10,000 fine for breaking coronavirus regulations by falsely claiming to be outdoors. Lab 11 had tried to pass a marquee off as an outdoor beer garden but was let down by the presence of both walls and... read more

Sneaky Signs Your Kids Need More Of You – Even If You're With Them All Day

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A joy (and profound challenge) of the Covid-19 pandemic is that many working parents are spending more time with their kids. Parents report that they’re closer to their children and that they have been doing things together they rarely had time... read more

Will We Have Enough Food For Winter?

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Curfew restrictions, new rules, and talks of a potential lockdown 2.0 has driven people to start panic-buying once more – ready for a worst-case scenario ahead of the colder months. The much-anticipated second wave is already bringing with it... read more

Your Self-Care Toolkit For Dealing With The Tough Months Ahead

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Feeling blue? You’re not alone. The Covid-19 pandemic has had clear repercussions for mental health, with some people impacted more than others. A study published in the Lancet journal comparing our mental health in April 2019 to this year found... read more

Is ‘Sorry, Not Sorry’ The Johnson/Sunak Message Ahead Of A Grim Winter?

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This is a breaking news story and will be updated. Follow HuffPost UK on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. “I am sorry. When you’ve made a mistake you should apologise. But most important of all, you’ve got to learn from your mistakes…” Sound... read more