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The Big Sound: An Interview With Pregoblin

As they release yet another impeccable single in the form of ‘Snakes And Oranges’, Pregoblin’s Alex Sebley and Jessica Winter speak to Patrick Clarke about their glorious, theatrical music go to Article >

A high school teacher in Detroit bought a 'trashed' home in the city for $2,600 and got it into livable condition in less than 2 years. Here's how...

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Summary List Placement Detroit has been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic, as cases in Michigan top 115,000.  But despite the city's troubles, the local real estate market has been warm, according to Zillow.  Despite an average home value... read more

The ultimate guide to house flipping, according to pros who have made millions by renovating hundreds of homes

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Summary List Placement Tarek El Moussa paid $115,000 for the first house he ever flipped, according to CNBC. He and his ex-wife, Christina Anstead, then spent $15,000 to renovate the fixer-upper in Santa Ana, California. They sold it for... read more

Interview with ALPINA CEO: How the ALPINA BMW i8 Almost Happened and Why it Didn’t

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Since the debut of the BMW i8 back in 2014, fans have been begging someone; BMW, the M Division, ALPINA or anyone that would listen; to build an i8 with a bigger engine and more... The article Interview with ALPINA CEO: How the ALPINA BMW i8... read more

A 32-year-old software engineer went through a 'super stressful' interview process at Amazon — but turned down the $167,006 offer. Here's how she...

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Summary List Placement For Nastya Kholodova, a software engineer originally from Ukraine who was working in Washington D.C., the chance to get hired at a big US tech company like Facebook, Uber or Amazon seemed like the best way to know that... read more

10 C-suite execs reveal how management consulting shaped their careers and the advice they'd give to anyone starting a new job

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Summary List Placement A career in management consulting provides preparation for C-level jobs.  In fact, 70 of the Fortune 500 CEOs have worked at McKinsey. Some of today's most prominent leaders including Facebook's COO Sheryl Sandberg,... read more

Andy Murray on vaccines, the Australian Open and Mats Wilander’s wildcard attack

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Murray spoke on a wide range of issues in tennis (Picture: ROSS WOODHALL) At the end of a disappointing season, Andy Murray is looking forward to the next and is full of ‘motivation’ to return to some of the biggest stages in tennis.... read more

4 charts show how C-suite leaders are preparing for the biggest economic and workplace challenges in 2021

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Summary List Placement Companies are revamping their 2021 budgets because of the pandemic.  The novel coronavirus has forced executives to reimagine how they work, what areas employers should invest in, and where they see themselves in the... read more

Media executives and financial firms are making a land grab for Fox News viewers and Trump supporters, and a new player just entered the race

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Summary List Placement There's growing interest in President Trump's audience — and it's not just at Newsmax and OANN. A host of conservative leaning executives from TV, streaming and radio are looking to shore up cash and talent to take... read more

'You should fly': Southwest Airlines CEO said traveling by plane is safe, despite the CDC and infectious disease experts warning against air travel...

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Summary List Placement Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly said said passengers "should" fly during the coronavirus pandemic.  "You should fly," Kelly said in an interview with Axios. "We all need to be responsible, and we all need to be smart... read more

The Best (And Worst) Christmas Sandwiches – Ranked By Us

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The annual Christmas Sandwich Taste Test is the stuff of lore in the HuffPost newsroom, with festive vultures descending from all departments to help us blind sample offerings from all the high street chains outside our office door. This year,... read more