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The Boeing 737 Max just made a huge step towards getting back in the skies. Here's the complete history of the plane that's been grounded since 2 crashes killed 346 people 5 months apart. (BA)

When the 737 Max was announced in 2011 and entered service in 2017, the plane was touted as the next generation of a tried-and-tested workhorse of consumer aviation. The Max, a 737 with new more fuel-efficient engines and updated avionics and cabins, would have longer range, have a lower operating cost, and have enough in common... go to Article >

Parents whose children died in the 737 Max crashes are haunted by the plane's imminent return (BA)

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Summary List Placement Parents whose children were killed in crashes involving Boeing's 737 Max plane say they are angry and upset by the plane's imminent return to the skies, and can't believe that the jet is safe. Boeing's plane had been... read more

Boeing 737 Max, the plane that's been grounded since 2019 after two crashes killed 346 people, is safe to fly again, according to Europe's aviation...

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Summary List Placement Boeing's 737 Max, an update to the 737 first announced in 2011, has been grounded since March 2019. Two crashes, during which pilots struggled to control the plane, resulted in the death of a combined 346 people and led... read more

Boeing is using a 'scorched earth' strategy to keep evidence away from lawyers representing 737 Max crash victims, lawyer says

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Summary List Placement Boeing is using a "scorched earth" strategy to try and keep evidence away from lawyers representing the victims of one of the fatal 737 Max crashes, one of the lawyers said. Steven Marks, an aviation lawyer with... read more

A blistering House report slams Boeing and the FAA over 'serious flaws and missteps' that led to two deadly 737 Max crashes (BA)

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Summary List Placement The two 737 Max crashes that killed 346 people and led to a years-long grounding of the entire global fleet of the plane were the result of "a horrific culmination" of engineering missteps, poor management, and "grossly... read more

The FAA could let the Boeing 737 Max resume flying next month — here are all the changes airlines must make before takeoff (BA)

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The FAA published its proposed changes to the Boeing 737 Max, outlining the fixes required for the plane to return to service — among the final steps before the plane can fly again. The FAA also published a summary of its review of the plane,... read more

The first Boeing 737 Max recertification flight just landed, marking a new milestone for the troubled jet (BA)

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The Boeing 737 Max made its long-awaited first recertification test flight on Monday, a major milestone as Boeing works to get the plane cleared to fly again. The 737 Max has been grounded for 15 months, following the second of two fatal... read more

Boeing may be dropping the 'Max' from the name of its troubled jet, calling the latest version the 737-8 (BA)

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Boeing has closed its first 737 Max sale of 2020, but something was notably different in its announcement: the airplane's name. While Boeing still referred to the aircraft as belonging to the "737 Max" family, it described the specific... read more

Airlines are delaying new plane deliveries and seeking financing — and that's bad news for Boeing as the 737 Max inches toward its return (BA)

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As cash-strapped airlines struggle with the collapse of travel demand amid the coronavirus pandemic, many are looking to space out the delivery of new aircraft, or take out financing, rather than simply paying for the new planes. That's bad... read more